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Carry Your Christian Mark: Necklaces And The Four-Way Medal

Every Christian should proudly carry their family emblem. No, not the crest of their family tree, but the mark of their spiritual family, the Cross. Without getting into the history of Jews carrying the symbol of their family name (that’s what Google is for, not a crummy guy like me), let’s talk about ways we can wear the mark of our universal Church, our family. 1,137 more words


A Disciple of Christ

Mary, a disciple of Christ, St. Augustine, Sermon 72/A, 7

“But look here, my brothers and sisters, concentrate more, I beg you, on what follows, concentrate more on what Christ the Lord said as he stretched out his hand over his disciples: This is my mother and these are my brothers; and whoever does the will of my Father who sent me, that person is a brother to me and a sister and a mother (Mt 12:49-50). 591 more words

Graces And Helps That God Gives


REF 06.9.5 – 50,00€

REF 06.9.5 – 50,00€

REF 02.8.630 – 30,00€

REF 02.8.630 – 30,00€

REF 02.8.630 – 30,00€

REF 01.7.9 – 30,00€

REF 01.7.9 – 30,00€ … 52 more words


Brown Scapular

Hi all,

I just received a brown scapular in the mail.  It is plain and very simple, and looks easy to make, especially with a sewing machine. 86 more words

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