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#290 - You are a Fifty-Three-Year-Old Woman...

…living in Chicago.  Write a letter to Santa.

Dear Nicholas,

How are you?  I hope you and your elves and reindeer are all good and ready for the upcoming holiday season.

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Banana girl pops my bubbles

At first, I meant to make this blog about what makes me happy, but, we’re humans aren’t we?  We can’t be all happy all the time, we get sad, we get mad and sometimes we’re just neutral.  

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"Nuclear Energy and Natural Gas Are Going To Solve The Climate Change Problem" (rant)

“Watch the science on climate change gets picked and pulled by right-wing think tanks” Click on image to read post and help to support my blog. 9 more words


How to Make Friends and Influence Spirits

A fellow investigator asked the paranormal community this morning if we thought that, because of the increased acceptance of the existance of ghosts, the spirits were more upset that their “scare tactics” are no longer as effective.  424 more words

Metaphysic Musing & Paranormal Ponderings

Toyota not doing anything wrong

Re: Toyota using ‘scare’ tactics, says union, by Grace Macaluso, April 2.

I am responding to the article about Toyota and their issues with the unionizing process written by Grace Macaluso. 212 more words


Scare Tactics and Social Justice

I had a great discussion with a friend the other morning. We chatted for a bit about birth control and the failure of the health education system to sufficiently educate and liberate American students. 651 more words