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fragile mortality

tonight we had a bit of a scare – papa is Dutch and a friend of ours had returned from a European holiday with some of his favourite lollies. 404 more words

Universal Horror Nights is about to unleash the beast once again...

Having just been released in theaters and having a $28 million* opening this past weekend, ‘The Purge: Anarchy‘ looks to continue rolling on into Halloween. 196 more words


Need For Speed.

It’s almost 11p.m in my grandpa’s clock here and I’m at home safe and sound.

I don’t know how many of you have been lucky enough to have a “real-life-time-ride” in one of those fast passenger Kerala buses especially after sunset. 510 more words

The first step...

Ok, so a week or two ago I sent off for one of those cute little DIY HIV test kits. This is a process i’ve been through on numerous occasions. 552 more words

30 Day challenge, Things that make me scared

Wasps, wasps are evil creatures and the only thing they do for the world is piss every one off. Well, and they are good for helping clean up dead and rotten things, but we have tons of other nicer bugs for that. 151 more words



A desperate job applicant who was turned down for a post became bitter and decided to torment a group of prospective who rejected his applications by terrorizing them.  75 more words


Liberalism ! / Doomed Ideology ! / Democratic War On Women.

Since 1918 liberalism,socialism and communism have destroyed countries and demised millions of people.These ideologies proved to be catastrophic element that creates big government,a totalitarian authority to dictate on people how to live their lives.Its a deprivation of the personal rights to pursue one’s ambitions to achieve the happiness he deserves. 151 more words

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