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The Houses October Built (2014) - Review

The one and only: found – footage/documentary horror.

Probably clichéd to the core, a group of five drive throughout the US in search of the scariest haunt house. 650 more words


Hickory Dickory SHOCK!

So, I’m in my office typing away when there is a rustling sound beside me.  Continuing my quest to finish paperwork, I ignore it the best I could when suddenly, something brownish-gray jumps into the air.   61 more words

Brooklynn Rivers

We only know what we think we know: Part 2

”It may be that you dislike something, though it is good for you. And it may be that you love something, though it is bad for you. 1,209 more words


467: Hope Flowers

I’m wrapped a little too tight.

You are tugging at my layers, gently

slowly, easing the shields aside

opening up the flower

that I could become… 37 more words


Procrastination, no not me!

I was writing the list for this week’s tasks, and I looked back at some of the weekly task lists from previous weeks and months… 430 more words


Have I Inspired You Enough?

It is not the world that caves into temptation but it is temptation that makes the world cave. I rather find it amusing when I watch a woman fall in love quicker than she runs away from a thing she is afraid of. 260 more words