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Chicago fire survive Dynamo scare

The unexpected happened when Houston Dynamo conceded 2-1 to their opponents, Chicago fire on Friday night at Toyota Park. The match was filled with emotions of goodbye as Dominic Kinnear, Houston head coach led his team for the final time where they lost the match. 135 more words

Broken Hearts

Last night I had an episode that may have been tachycardia, a scary enough thing, but that was followed by chest pain in the area of my heart.   140 more words

Taking the Scare Out of Your New Job 

A new job can be exciting stuff. Your first day feels like the first day of school, and new opportunities allow you to dream big. 389 more words

Guess Whose Apartment is Haunted Just in Time for Halloween...

Yep.  Mine.

I live in an apartment-style dorm room in an 11-floor complex with my two roommates.  It has two rooms, a living space, a bathroom, and a kitchenette.   458 more words


If Ebola Hammers The Economy, People Rather Die At Home

I usually don’t like to rant on something I have zero clue about.  Nonetheless, Ebola scare is something that I don’t know about but I want to rant on.   394 more words

Anything Goes

Put your big boy pants on

The first thing I do when I hear a police siren is to say out loud, “It wasn’t me.” This is done “tongue-in-cheek” and usually produces a smile. 451 more words

need ideas try this

SOOOOOOOOOO………… I’ve been on Pinterest for a while and there are tons of sick twisted people (such as myself) out there and sharing their ideas. I repined some of my favorites and just in time, Halloween is in 1 WEEK! 42 more words