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Being a Being from the Other World

Acting as a spirit has given me some rather unsettling dreams and irrational fears of certain scenarios. Especially when I saw that the next episode of Find the Wasabi is about my mission in the haunted hospital. 449 more words


Somewhat Unprepared

At the beginning of our first semester, we were taught everything that we would need during our stage. We learned and practiced to take vital signs, give baths, move our patients, etc. 334 more words


The Spot That Changed Everything

At our 15 week ultrasound the Sonographer saw a spot on twin a’s tailbone. Just one tiny little spot can induce stress, terror, and lots of heartburn. 261 more words

The Everyday...

The Ghost House

One day one girl goes to ghost house “Tick Tick Tick Tick”

Ghost see’s from the window that the girl is nearing him.

The Ghost thinks that he will kill the girl. 164 more words

VIDEO: Guy Scares His Blonde Girlfriend 22 Times

We feel so bad for this poor woman! Her boyfriend gets a kick out of scaring the crap out of her and tapping it…

Whether she’s driving, on the phone, or heading out to work, her boyfriend is there to scare the bejesus out of her! 6 more words


''Liar'' (The Mother's Sins Episode 7)

Matthew woke up several hours later in the subway. Two men sporting long beards were sitting in the opposite part of the subway from where Matthew was sitting. 949 more words


Mr. Heavy

“Alright honey, I’m gonna leave the light on in the hallway, okay? Sleep tight baby.”

“You don’t have to worry about me, mum, Mr. Heavy will protect me!” 24 more words