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Aldin could hear his own breath in his ears. It seemed to him that his breathing was the only sound in the small, one-bedroom cabin as he hid behind the wooden dresser. 316 more words

Random Ramblings Of An Untrained Mind

Why Do Guys Love Scaring Chicks?

So my friend Ellie is probably like one of the most beautiful girls I know. She’s blonde and leggy and has perfected her eye liner skills. 433 more words

Once Upon A December (Italian Version)

Hi my lovely readers!
Today I recorded a video where I sing!! O_O
This is my very first time that I sing “in pubblic” so I was quite nervous and scare…. 19 more words



Ever heard of Ed and Lorraine Warren? If not, then Google! They are probably the best paranormal activists of this century! So, here is a movie which came out from their case files. 301 more words

AK's Views

Scared Me (2003)

All of us at one time or another are frightened of something. The real pinpointed time in our lives to feel this way is when we are young. 476 more words


Being a Being from the Other World

Acting as a spirit has given me some rather unsettling dreams and irrational fears of certain scenarios. Especially when I saw that the next episode of Find the Wasabi is about my mission in the haunted hospital. 449 more words


Somewhat Unprepared

At the beginning of our first semester, we were taught everything that we would need during our stage. We learned and practiced to take vital signs, give baths, move our patients, etc. 334 more words