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All the changes. . .

It was just this morning when I realized that I was already on the verge of losing something really important to me. This is the second time that I felt as helpless as this, and I couldn’t even move a finger to try and fix myself. 416 more words

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Gun In Your Face

It actually happened to me one day. I was with my son and a man in a truck decided to follow us. When I realized he was following me, I tried several attempts to let him pass or speed up but he continued the pursuit. 453 more words

In The Moment

Hidden part!!!!!!!!!.............

Yes it was there in me always, am just revealing it today!! …….inferiority is probably like this only. They strike us all the time, but we ignore them because we somewhere know we need to work really hard to overcome them. 131 more words


cuts to breathe


recoiling from the forward tug

A hand could slit

my throat

jugular releasing

Not blood,

but wisps of soul could

Escape here somehow

where life still wields… 24 more words


I’m shuddering

at the touch of voices

in my hair

a kiss to my temple

somehow more menacing

than a blow

gentler threats hitting harder… 84 more words

I am lost.

This is not an unfamiliar feeling. Aged 20, I have reached a fair few milestones in my time. School. Secondary school. GCSEs. A-levels. University.

And now graduation. 275 more words