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The Great Villain Blogathon: Johnny Prince in Scarlet Street (1945)

Johnny Prince in Scarlet Street (1945) is not a nice guy. At best, he’s a self-centered clod who’s not exactly in the running for “Boyfriend of the Year.” 885 more words

Film Noir

Scarlet Street [1945]

“How can a man be so dumb … I’ve been waiting to laugh in your face ever since I met you. You’re old and ugly and I’m sick of you …”

Edward G. Robinson

Top 3 Film Noir movies- No Spoilers

1. “Murder My Sweet”

It came out in 1944 and stars Dick Powell, Claire Trevor, and Anne Shirley. Phillip Marlowe is swept up in helping an ex-con retrieve his girlfriend. 170 more words

False Hopes and Dreams in Scarlet Street

by Chris Lindsay

Deception involves at least two parties: the deceiver and the deceived. In film noir, a main character will often play both roles. In Fritz Lang’s 1945 film, … 1,388 more words

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