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Bessons Women who Kick Ass - The very brilliant Lucy (Film Review)

There is a poignant moment in Lucy, when having a brain that has ‘evolved’ way beyond the minds of those around her, Lucy (Scarlett Johanson) turns to Pierre Del Rio (Amr Waked) the macho cop in the film, after he says to her “You don’t need me.” She kisses him in an agressive way and sayus “Yes I do. 1,073 more words

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Lucy Movie Review

First, you’ve seen this movie before, or at least the male version of it. It’s the movie ‘Limitless’ starring Bradley Cooper. For this one, Scarlett Johanson takes center stage. 270 more words

Lucy Review

Wow…that was not what I was expecting. I just saw Lucy this past weekend and was somewhat astonished by what I was watching. I thought… 822 more words


Movie Review: Lucy ****

Scarlett Johanson is Lucy, a party girl who gets wrapped up with the wrong guy in Taiwan. He forces her to deliver a package and problems arise. 276 more words

Movie Review

Lovers with Cancer

The 2 Guys Wot Work in a Cinema truck rolls into town serving up: 22 Jump Street, Chef, 3 Days to Kill and Occulus. And there’s a mini review of the other big film of the month; The Fault in Our Stars.

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