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Scarlett Fever Gets Under the Skin

In Her, all we heard was Scarlett Johansson’s voice – that husky, alluring, beautiful voice – as she played Samantha, an Operating System that fell not only in love with its owner, but in what it means to be human.  700 more words


Under the Skin


The cinema is fertile ground for digging up new and interesting postcards, and as I spend most of my life there that’s a good thing. Whilst the freecard and Boomerang racks are mostly clogged up with those postcard pretenders, the PC-sized flyer, I can still find a gem or two hidden. 300 more words


Fading Gigolos, Naked Aliens & Captain America

My apologies, Fretts on Film-goers: I’ve been so busy lately, I haven’t had time to post. But I have been going to movies, so here’s a catch-up. 624 more words


"Captain America - The Winter Soldier" (Film Review #2)

By Shane M. Dallmann

Sorry for the somewhat delayed review–I’ve been just a little bit busy these days! But look at it this way, by now all the “Hail Hydra” memes must be making sense to you, right? 346 more words

Scarlett Johansson gets out of her clothes and 'Under The Skin'(Review)

Under The Skin

Cast: Scarlett Johansson

Writers Michael Faber(Novel) Jonathan Glazer(Screenplay) Walter Campbell(Screenplay)

Director Jonathan Glazer


Robert Fulford: The BDS smokescreen

The people who defame Israel and wish to undermine its status in the world are not anti-Semites — or so they will tell you, every chance they get. 911 more words

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