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Stepping Outside the Box - Epica 18-Loop Chrome Scarf Hanger Review!

Okay guys, I know that this is a BEAUTY review blog, so I usually focus on skincare and cosmetics; however, there is more to beauty!  For example, I want to keep my closet beautiful too…clutter is my enemy!   212 more words

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More Shibori

Busy weaving handwoven Shibori scarves. This one, I took off the loom yesterday. The pattern threads I am pulling and knotting for dyeing. The next scarf is half woven using a different pattern. 13 more words


How many ways can you tie an Infinity Scarf?

So you bought an Infinity Scarf, but you are tired of wearing it around your neck. Well, this Youtuber, Naptural85, below, along with many others, has ideas on creative ways to wear these scarves. 18 more words


How do you wear your scarf?

When I take the Scarf Girl pop up shop to the markets I often get asked about ways to wear/tie a scarf.

Here are a few easy ways…..1 scarf = 4 ways… 33 more words

Scarf Girl

Fit to be tied (& dyed)

Check out our fun craft project series in last summer’s issue of our Celebrate Home Magazine! My friend Barbara Kelley and I published four issues of this seasonal magazine before going on hiatus. 87 more words


Denim Coat + Leggings = Perfection!

I love this photo..it’s one of those photos that I see and immediately start creating a story about in my head…inventing about who the girl is and why she is in the mountains, and how the guy is related to her, and what her occupation is etc….I have to say this is an awesome outfit in every way- the fitted short denim manteau, the grey leggings, the huge hairstyle adorned by the pink scarf, and even the pink keds. 12 more words


Exclusive launch at Magasin du Nord

Meet our Creative Director Natalka Hansen at the iconic Magasin du Nord in Copenhagen today for an exclusive presentation of our new collection of luxury scarves. 40 more words

Naledi Copenhagen