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Halloween 2014 Movie Line-Up Part II

There are just too many movie left to be discovered! If you haven’t seen the first part of this list, click here. I still haven’t watched Invitation Only and The Orphanage but I’ll get around soon enough. 683 more words


Halloween 2014 Movie Line-Up Part I

Here’s a quick look on the movies I plan to watch this Halloween month.

1. Annabelle *

John Form has found the perfect gift for his expectant wife, Mia – a beautiful, rare vintage doll in a pure white wedding dress. 841 more words


Creepy Feels

Halloween is coming up very soon and a lot of people are watching horror movies together. Recently, the forth season of American Horror Story: Freak Show came out. 380 more words


Short Film: Doppleganger

This is one of my personal fears.

One night, I was preparing dinner when I heard my mom asked for water. She told me to bring it to her room. 39 more words


Scary! That THING is so SCARY!!

I got scared. And now I can’t sleep. But at the same time, I’m sleepy. IT’S THIS SPIDER’S FAULT!! I’ve been sleeping in a sleeping bag in the family room, not in my room. 307 more words


I want to eat your brains

I want to eat your brains

I want to eat your brains,

That’s what I said,

I want to eat your brains,

Until you are dead. 273 more words


What are you most scared of? MYSELF.

I’m scared of me! It’s true… sometimes when I look in the mirror, I’m just like, “You’re so scary, Eevee! Stop looking at me!” 134 more words