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O.k this might sound weird, but whatever.  I’m hearing things (again).  I sometimes hear my name being called by a small voice or someone saying something like ‘hello, hi or stop’. 132 more words


Countdown Begins: Hungry Ghost Month

Hello there! Few weeks more and it’s ‘BER’ months again. We all know what that means. This blog site will once again shake you from normality and give you a dose of the paranormal. 586 more words


Spending Quality Time with "Mama"

Thanks to the magic of the movies, we’ve become accustomed to all manner of spectres, ghouls and monsters. It takes far more to spook an audience today than it did in the golden age of the original Frankenstein, The Wolf Man and  Dracula. 590 more words

Daniel Robison

The Edge of the Earth

Beyond my back yard on the acres that I inherited from my grandparents sits the edge of the whole world. Maybe the edge of the universe. 726 more words


A Scary Story

A Scary Story

I found it so hard to get off to sleep last night, twisting and turning under the ‘tremendous’ weight of the quilt. And it was so hot, it was so incredibly hot – I just couldn’t understand it. 618 more words


Ali - Bonkers

Ali – Bonkers

It happened two days before Halloween, when Ali was at home, helping her mother to prepare the evening meal.
“Mum,” said Ali, tugging at her mother’s blouse sleeve, “mum, now that Harry Potter has finally gone, you know, I mean how all the books have been finished, I feel like I’ve somehow grown up…Does that make any sense to you?” 2,805 more words

Stories For Children

Red Ghost

You know she’s there before you even see her. The static in the air, faint and thin, like something is about to snap. The chill and hairs on your arms, standing on end. 314 more words