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Short Film: The Dummy (1982)

Automatonophobia (n.): Fear of puppets

Old ventriloquist puppets always creep me out.

As much as I want my taste of horror as realistic as possible, I am still and will always be a sucker for old flicks like this. 26 more words


Child's Play was based on a true story?// Poll!

Ok, what horror addict hasn’t seen Child’s Play? I can honestly say that Child’s Play changed my young life for about six months, and I’ve had an underlying suspicion of dolls ever after. 162 more words


Wolfman... he's on the loose! by Michael Rosen and Chris Mould (2014)

You might need to consider this picture book seriously before you unleash it on an unsuspecting audience. My five-year-old niece was my test subject, and she has been known to make me skip pages in the past when they’ve contained images she thinks are scary. 132 more words

Picture Book

Couple Almost Gets Struck By Lightening On Camera [Video]

Some locals are still dealing with power outages and more after that crazy storm passed through Metro Detroit yesterday. Thankfully no major injuries were reported in the area, but this video is a friendly reminder. 66 more words