Scary stories

A little Halloween spirit. Who else grew up with the book series the background image is from? Loved them as a kid.


FICTION: Inevitable Battles Vignette

Swinging down her mighty sword, the girl felled the mighty beast.

It had been a tough battle, but one she was bound to have encountered. Once she was absolutely sure it was no longer bound to the living, she approached it. 223 more words


Little Old Spider

I remember it all so well …

My grandma sent me to the basement to retrieve the three missing costumes. She was cleaning up after her annual Halloween party and I’d been dropped off to help her out. 895 more words

Opossum Trilogy, part deux

Yesterday, I started telling about the opossum incidents. Today I present part two of the three part saga.

That big flashlight turned out to be a good investment, when yet another miscellaneous skittering sound roused me from sleep two nights later. 1,609 more words

The Glitterbox

In the 1840s, there was a serial robber and killer by the name of Dutch Ridder aka The Butcher. He terrorized the state of Arizona for nine straight years before being captured. 1,521 more words

Short Stories

Kim Nelson: Real Life Scary Stories

  • You’re a single woman on a business trip. At the end of a long day of meetings, you go to the hotel bar to unwind and order a cocktail.
  • 291 more words

The Kingswood Killer

It was an unusually chilly night in the quiet suburban Pennsylvania development, aptly named Kingswood. Not for the actual royalty that presided there, but for the smug attitudes assumed by the douchey princes and twatty princesses who were reared in the bastion of security. 1,508 more words

Kelsey Calaitges