whole human

“we’ve got another one!” I yelled inside the house as I looked at the   plastic wrapped human. its been a year since we’ve been getting these bodies . 262 more words

Prompt Journal #5

Prompt: Scary Story

My heart’s beating loud. Wild. Faster and angrier than it ever has before. I’ve always hated this. I never wanted to take a life but this  258 more words

Creative Writing

Maria Leonora Teresa: A Scary, Dolly Story

From being a darling daughter of the iconic loveteam of Guy and Pip, the doll named ‘Maria Leonora Teresa’ who was once considered to be their ‘daughter’.  185 more words


Murder in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to many urban legends. Its long stretches of dark roads, woods, and farmland have created many stories that have kept children up at night. 841 more words


A few scary words

I found this online. There must have been a competition. But that is not as great as the story. Short but man is it ever on point.