Another helping of Macabre Macaroni


Carl still wore his work overalls. I slid over one barstool and made room for him. The bartender brought us each a longneck and I took a swig. 771 more words


Kim Nelson: The Skeleton Man

We made fun of it the first time we saw it, just another silly piece of graffiti scrawled in sharpie on the side of the train shelter on the dirty old paint. 993 more words

Kim Nelson

Haunting: The Devil School

In downtown Jacksonville, jammed-up next to Interstate 10, stands an old brown, brick school building dubbed the infamous “Devil’s School.” It is known by Jacksonville’s teenagers as “the most haunted place in town.” In reality this was Duval County’s Public School No.4. 244 more words


Not Your Ordinary Zombie

The following short is inspired by Jessica West’s #10 Weeks of Horror writing challenge. With only two weeks of the challenge remaining, I was excited to be able to write this piece, an element of which I’d thought about for some time. 1,640 more words

Creative Writing

Torture: Pear of Anguish

Warning!!!! Not for the faint-hearted

The choke pear (or pear of anguish) is the modern name for a type of instrument displayed in some museums, consisting of a metal body (usually pear-shaped) divided into spoon-like segments that could be spread apart by turning a screw. 231 more words


Torture: Breast Ripper

Warning!!!! Not for the faint-hearted

The Breast Ripper was first popularly used in Bavaria, Germany, in 1599. Until the early nineteenth century, the torture instrument was often used in Germany and France, in front of the victim’s children.  186 more words


Amityville Horror

There won’t be many people reading this list who have not heard of the Amityville horror movie – and the majority will no doubt have watched it.  1,253 more words

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