Where Good Children Go

Where Good Children Go
A fictional short story by Neva Reese

Chora Clamly, Jorgan Heppertipple, Bortney Lightney and little Isilthorpe Grue were on a road trip through the countryside with their trusted chaperone, Miss Tresteen. 995 more words


Santa Claus is coming to town

For most children, when they hear that Santa is coming again they get excited and giddy. They beg their parents to take them to his grotto; scarcely able to believe THE Santa is at their local Shopping mall. 1,112 more words

Creepy Pasta

The Hiding Shadow

Possibly an opposing force from my earlier entry, The Woman in White, The Man with the Black Hat is another follower of me  since I was young. 417 more words


World’s Creepiest Attractions: #5

Museo delas Momias, Mexico

This Guanajuato museum’s 111 remarkably preserved mummies were exhumed from the Santa Paula Pantheon between 1865 and 1989. Their facial expressions are especially scary—many seem to be shouting “No!”—and clenched fists protrude from the tattered clothes. 25 more words

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World’s Creepiest Attractions: #4

The Museum of Death, Hollywood

If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, this museum is a homage to murder, dismemberment, and rigor mortis and houses (among other things) a collection of serial killer artwork, photos of horrific accidents and famous crime scenes, and the guillotine-severed head of the murderous Bluebeard of Paris. 23 more words

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The Heckhound

That first week was fun. We thought it was adorable, the way Butterscotch rubbed her snout on the carpet until she sneezed, the way she kicked her little ears until her tags jingled. 243 more words


U.S. Cemetery: Number 8

Rehoboth Village Cemetery, Massachusetts

The rudest ghost on this list resides in Rehoboth Village Cemetery in Massachusetts. The cemetery is from the 17th century, but its most famous spiritual resident came along a couple of hundred years later. 104 more words

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