The secrets that tall trees keep

During the late summer of 2014 something strange occurred to me–an event I could not explain then and certainly cannot now. While the paranormal may be a topic of interest in my life and on this website, it’s also something I am strangely detached from. 967 more words


Mr. Psychotic and the Death of Preacher Maxwell

Mr. Psychotic sang in front of his sink as he wrung blood from a towel. “I love killing Christians. Hey! That’s just what I do.” Behind him, strapped to a splintered wooden chair, was Preacher Max from Maxwell Baptist Church. 628 more words

Making their presence known...

Making their presence known, before they approach. As their dark shadows loom towards you, your blood runs cold. You know exactly why they have come, and why they keep coming every year. 379 more words

The devil in she

I lay here with the static of silence vibrating in my ears
The world is asleep
and I’m fighting my fears
I feel the devil coming… 78 more words

Phys Ed horror story, part one

As you stand awkwardly on the middle of a loud, echoing locker room, you fumble with the dial on your locker.

It won’t open. Maybe you forgot the combination, or perhaps the thought of stripping to your skivvies in front of classmates makes your fingers shake, or maybe your particular school-issued padlock hasn’t been serviced in a decade. 268 more words

Short Stories

The Typewriter 1

The elevator doors open.If i had any sense of self preservation i would turn around and leave,quietly.Such a shame i run out that around the same time i run out of options. 59 more words


Christmas Madness: He Sees You When You're Sleeping

Here is day four of Five Deadly Christmas Short Stories by Quanisha A. McGruder - “He sees you when you’re sleeping” - Read now, right now, before it gets dark and if it is dark where you are, turn the lights on.  852 more words