No One's There

My mom is sprucing up her great room’s built-in. So I’ve been helping by painting and polyurethaning the shelves as she sands and paints the built-in. 869 more words

The Challenge

Death at 115Ft

A long four day weekend alone, no kids, like honeymooners. Forecast is sunny and light south to south westerly winds. She is praying literally on knees for smooth south winds only…nothing choppy, “Please make it nice and smooth.” Without the children she has no excuse but to spend hours on the lake; André has been itching to spend more quality time on the cat…finish the day with… 494 more words


Old Bryce

There’s an abandoned psych ward in Northport. Back when it was in operation, Bryce held the black patients that weren’t allowed to be held in the main campus of the hospital, because they were black. 746 more words

My Best Friend

My best friend has always been right by my side. When your best friend can forgive you for accidentally killing him, you know that it’s something special right? 87 more words


A Smile (A Short Story)

A Smile

By: Katharine Vareljian

You walk in through the gates. Everything around you is too colorful, too perfect, and too clean. You touch things, and they feel as if they are not actually what they are supposed to be. 303 more words

Writing By Kat

Terror In The Dog Park

The sun had set about an hour ago. It is almost dark and a fog is growing up. I just picked up my son from soccer and I am on my way to pick up my daughter from her circus training. 879 more words


The Monster (A Short Story)

The Monster

By: Katharine Vareljian

The Monster is never seen until the Monster attacks an individual. One cannot tell if the Monster is going to attack. 373 more words

Writing By Kat