An Interrupted Journey

By Mark Alexander

Stewart checked his image in the apartment’s full length Aspect-3D display as he readied himself for work. His tall slim build fitted perfectly into his sharp designer suit with it’s razor-sharp never-go-creases.  1,765 more words

Edgar Allen Poe

New Website and Character Art

Hello everyone out there! Please take a look at the new website and let me know what you think?


Also, below are some concept art pictures of the main characters in the book.

It's been a while~

I know I haven’t been up to date but I’ll try

So, it has been a while hasn’t it? Since so many days past I’ll tell you guys what happened. 984 more words

My Life

The Story Behind the Haunted Winchester Mystery House

The story of Sarah Winchester is one of the strangest stories I have ever heard. If you have an interest in the supernatural, please take a moment to read this. 873 more words


Dog Days of Summer Contest

Dog Days of Summer Contest.


By: Allison K. Garcia

999 words

A baseball-sized hole now carved the glass of a second-story window of an old Victorian home. 1,022 more words


The scariest short stories.

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday. I was standing the the kitchen washing dishes while my daughter played outside. Every now and then she would come bursting in with some exciting new adventure to tell me about. 779 more words