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24. Make a list of my irrational fears. Share them with a friend, and be less afraid.

Happy 2015, everyone! When I last left you, I was ready to kiss 2014 good-bye. It had been a hard year, and I was ready to let it go. 617 more words


I like feeling competent and that I know how to do something.

For some years, I’ve felt good because I can get an email from an artist, either take the pictures he or she sends me or go to somewhere else on the net to get them, size them in the 4 sizes I need for the website, add the items, descriptions and prices to my website with no help from anyone. 364 more words


Friday Already??

Another week has gone by far more quickly than I anticipated. This week has been one for the record books. I made a few decisions that are going to pay off down the road, both health-wise and career-wise. 303 more words


Mice/Squirrels/Other Critters?

We’ve had a couple of treatments from Tri-Hill, our local pest people, for ‘scurrying’ in the walls and attic. They’ve treated us with baited traps, spraying, and fogging in the attic. 416 more words


A Creepy Question

I found two different versions of this creepypasta, and I changed it a bit by myself.

Today I have a question for you.
It’s night and you’re upstairs when your mom calls you from the kitchen. 33 more words


Rating: Adult

This time last year, I had an apartment 16 miles south of Seattle. It was a cute two bedroom, two bathroom upstairs corner apartment completely devoid of normal furniture. 415 more words


Back to work

So … I’m back at work.

Not back, back. The doctor gave me two half-days last week, and three in the coming week. The idea is to do a ‘Graduated Return to Work TM’ which means not plungeing back into things and overdoing it on the first day and then needing another three months off. 2,403 more words