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Why Ghosts Are The Scariest Monsters In Horror...After Demons

Vampires are scary…but also kind of sexy and occasionally needy or envious of humans. Werewolves are scary…but in some cases they are cute and sometimes even sexy. 896 more words


Every Found Footage Horror Film Ever

Or close to that amount, anyway. And by the way, if you enjoy found footage horror movies and don’t want me to spoil them, you might want to just leave this post. 853 more words


The Blue Rose 029 - Beneath the Surface

This story came from someone who started as a rival, became a friend, and ended as an enemy.

Just after my college days, I lived in a three bedroom townhouse with a pair of friends, a couple, who were into New Age Wiccan crystal whodilywoo.   2,482 more words

Scary Stuff

Creepy Things..

I can be shock/startle frightened as much as anyone. Jump out at me when I’m not expecting it,and sure, my weak bladder tells the tale.Sometimes I wonder,though,if my love of the horror genre at an early age desensitized me significantly. 195 more words


A to Z Challenge Day 6: Freddy Krueger (the Nightmare Demon)

I’ve mentioned this before, but when I was a kid I was a right awful wuss. I watched shows like, “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”, but I did so through my fingers as I cowered from the corner of the couch. 466 more words

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Spider Crisis In The UK. Also, I'm Never Living In Florida.

So a primary school in Rochdale, UK was entirely evacuated last week because of this:

Doesn’t look like much does it? Makes you sneer at school officials, right, sending away all their students for no good reason? 263 more words

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The Quiet Game: Review #9

I received quite the pleasant surprise this morning. My collection of short stories, The Quiet Game: Five Tales To Chill Your Bones, had received its ninth review, this one coming from author and friend… 273 more words