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Split down the middle

I’m of two very different minds today -

MIND 1: 

I told you yesterday that our dog, Bambi, was attacked either by other dogs, coyotes, or other critters. 330 more words

Quality Of Life

A very bad day

I’ve told you that we live about 4 miles from Greenwood on top of a ridge line. We have two dogs – Molly (a cross between a cocker spaniel and a schnauzer) and Bambi, a pit bull. 612 more words

Quality Of Life

Doing Scary Things

Writing prompts have always been a favorite challenge of mine, but the end results always end up in a password-protected file on my computer. A couple of days ago, I did the writing prompt from The Daily Post and hit publish without a single edit. 158 more words


Risking Death For Shits And Giggles

Like these guys.

Yeah, those guys are nuts. But so are all the other people in the other 29 “risking death for shits and giggles” photos you can find… 61 more words

Link 'O The Day!

Evil Began in a Bar: Finished

Man, am I in a good mood lately. Semester’s going well, work hasn’t been too difficult lately, and…oh yeah. I finished the first of two short stories for my creative writing class today. 344 more words


Why I love Hellraiser

A friend of mine recently rekindled my love of Hellraiser, Clive Barker’s most well known creation. We’re still three years shy of the thirtieth anniversary, and there’s a remake in the works that Barker himself is involved in, but I just wanted to mention my absolute love for this film and its sequel, Hellraiser II, and explain what it is that makes me love this. 721 more words

Scary Stuff

Geckos and Monkeys and Snakes..Oh My!

MAY 20, 2007

As we were getting ready to leave Oregon, our friendly neighborhood postman told me story upon story about his friends who had moved to an African country. 472 more words

Only In Africa