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Bee Monday

Today has been quite a scary day: I got bitten by a bee for the very first time in my life!!! Luckily enough medicine has made my pain go away and I’m back alive :D I even felt like smiling in these photos below ;) 8 more words

Attempt @ Scary

I have this Mayan/Aztec Calendar (one of those, I always get confused with it) when I was in Mexico. It is a pretty heavy one and is made of stone. 65 more words


Couple Almost Gets Struck By Lightening On Camera [Video]

Some locals are still dealing with power outages and more after that crazy storm passed through Metro Detroit yesterday. Thankfully no major injuries were reported in the area, but this video is a friendly reminder. 67 more words


Corrupted coloring books got dark in a hurry (32 Photos)


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Well now... Like this ain't weird at all... :/


It’s a bit scary to think about everything that Cody and Nicole must be dealing with. It’s one thing to lose someone it’s another thing to lose someone through the circumstances that they have. 42 more words


San Diego

Soo I told my mom I was going to Crystal Cove beach today…I lied? Whoops lol
It’s times like these were I’m glad I have a blog and not a diary, this can’t be found by her lol. 516 more words