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Japan’s Most Terrifying Urban Legends


                Ah, Japan, the land of the rising sun, the home of anime and sushi, the best place for a hot spring tripand one of the weirdest places on earth (in a good way). 776 more words

The Mistress Of Mystery

Windows 95

It’s been nearly twenty years since Windows 95 was brought into the world. Maybe it was your first computer operating system or maybe it was just one in a long line of upgrades. 168 more words



Considering how many episodes of sleep paralysis I have per month I should be used to it and it shouldn’t disturb me the way it does. 120 more words

Love Is A Gift, But Kinda Scary

Thanks to Bodymindspirit1021 via instagram for sharing this image. I had to regram it!

“Everyone is scared of being the one who cares too much, love too much – this is why relationships fall apart.” 157 more words


School's Coming; AKA Senior Year

So today I became aware of the fact that I was a senior. Even more so than normal, I mean I have been doing my daily duties as captain for soccer but it didn’t hit me. 396 more words

American Horror Story

I am very stuck in my ways when it comes to TV programs – I’m always quite reluctant to start watching a new one because I like it when I already know the characters, etc. 350 more words



He’s waiting in your closet

And he sleeps beneath your bed

He spends his days waiting

Nights, inside your head

He won’t tell you what he’s after… 17 more words