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Recoil Gaming Exploits - Alien Isolation Episode 2

Episode 2 sees our friends at Recoil still on route to Comms to make contact with their ship, the Torrens and there’s a very close encounter with the Xeno, also people can be scary too. 18 more words


OMG! Halloween is almost here! – Check your checklists, get ready.


Fashion mags offered really cute working outfits you could easily transform for halloween so you can party after work.

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10 Scary Books

My own first experience of reading horror books dates back to the days when Goosebumps were the most popular books around and could be found on pretty much every self-respecting, young book lovers shelf. 559 more words


Links worth Click'n Halloween Special

  1. Blood spatter cookies recipe at Annie’s Eats
  2. Lots of scary makeup ideas for a night into the otherworld on Divine Caroline 
  3. Easy Halloween wall decoration…
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Last night twice I thought I saw someone behind me within a five minute time frame.

A little after midnight last night I decided to run to the store for a quick pick up since I wouldn’t have time to do it in the morning.  573 more words

Short Film: Still Life

This is definitely a personal favorite. It makes you think twice about the recent murders on the news. Maybe it’s just a matter of perspective? Maybe there are just some things we can’t see that a few special people can? 13 more words