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Dear Hair,

Please grow longer soon.

I would like to scare the living daylights out of people then.


The Antique Store Which Never Ends

In Bellefonte there is an antique store that never ends. Inside are rooms upon sideways rooms and several floors with creaking staircases filled with ancient treasures such as old records, dishes, and Jacob’s ladder. 393 more words


Gothic Benches

A position statement before I go into all this mess: I do not believe in the paranormal.

Recently, two of my best friends from high school came for a visit. 727 more words

The Scariest Thing

The scariest thing

is when you realize

that you are addicted 

to something.


Whether is it 


self harm,

or drugs


You know that you are addicted… 45 more words


9 Things Living Inside Of You That Will Scare You To Death

As if we needed something else to be paranoid about. Just the thought of of roaches, scabies and something called Loa Loa living inside of my body makes me want to bathe in bleach. 14 more words


10 Best Horror Comic Books

During the late Nineteen Forties, horror comic books emerged as a distinct genre of comics. it absolutely was a time once adult males needed one thing completely different from caped crusaders and mask-wielding crime busters. 1,833 more words