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Be Present

Wow. I just had the craziest experience. I suppose you could say I’m distracted, focusing on one too many things, or scatterbrained?? “Eeep,” is all I have to say–regardless of whatever the reason/cause was. 257 more words

High Desert Life


I feel so broken, raw, vulnerable and exposed. So much that I can barely write or think about anything else but the pain. They say it gets easier but I still don’t find it any easier. 23 more words


Just a thought

I can write what I know
and I know what I write
Feelings, thoughts, ideas
flow without a slight shift in the current
People are hard, stubborn, selfish things… 37 more words


Character Development

If ever a struggle an author had
it’s to make a hero
Good or bad

To fill his past with misery or joy
maybe kill off his child… 78 more words



I’m going to war
It’s not my war
I’m going to war and I’m scared
Soldiers aren’t supposed to be afraid
I am, we are… 74 more words



Sex & The City. My go-to movie and series for my heartbreak in the past month. I’ve watched it on repeat so much that I am quite close to memorising the entire script. 114 more words


His room

There is a small room at the back of the house. There is one door to enter it, and two doors inside that do not leave it. 417 more words