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I’m going to war
It’s not my war
I’m going to war and I’m scared
Soldiers aren’t supposed to be afraid
I am, we are… 74 more words



Sex & The City. My go-to movie and series for my heartbreak in the past month. I’ve watched it on repeat so much that I am quite close to memorising the entire script. 114 more words


His room

There is a small room at the back of the house. There is one door to enter it, and two doors inside that do not leave it. 417 more words



Could I see you
Could I be graced with your company
With your warm smile
Could I hold you
Could I sit here and hold you… 213 more words



Sometimes I wish I wasn’t alive today

The world has become a caged place

Im not sure Im apart of it

And then I burst with life… 75 more words


Yoshi's Island

I remember playing this game on an ex-boyfriend’s younger brother’s Nintendo some time back in 2008 or 2009. It was my favourite game of all times. 272 more words


Scattered Thoughts

I’m not exactly social, whether it be on social media outlets or even in real life.  I have trouble making the first move.  I don’t know why exactly I’m telling you this, presently nonexistent friends.   252 more words