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I am so bad at this blogging thing.  I mean I’ve had a whole month to think of, write and edit a post.  Yet, here I am on Saturday morning, sitting in my sweatshirt and yoga pants drawing a complete blank. 302 more words

Thoughts, Musings And Other Random Writings

Completely Random

My spawn with K (if Buddha and God allows it) will be like this. Interested in cars. Start them young, he says. Haha! And yes, I will be that parent that labels her kids as spawns or offsprings coz I’m cool (or weird) like that. 21 more words


Clumsy Is My Middle Name

That’s right. Hold on. K wants to play Left 4 Dead. Be right back.


Okay. So. Like my title suggests, I’m really clumsy. Clumsy that I put my consciousness in danger like 90% of the time. 445 more words


Dogs and Books

Meet Larry. K’s golden retriever. He gets so attached to the humans he loves. Hehe. This was taken when he was asleep. Even asleep, he had to have some contact, however minimal, to the person he’s with. 242 more words

100 Days Of Happiness

Everything is A Blur

Hahahahaha! Geddit geddit? It’s really hazy right now outside my window but unfortunately I’m still in my office and I have no window of my own to take pictures of the sky so I have to wait till I go home. 188 more words


Could I be any more scatterbrained...

Yes, I could be. However, I am what I am. This blog has kind of become a public sharing diary. It’s kind of strange though because I write completely different stuff in my personal diary. 

The Things I Forget to Notice

So apparently I have a knack for knocking floor mats askew. I never noticed I had this skill until my new roommate pointed it out. The mat in front of the kitchen sink, in front of the bathroom, inside the bathroom, and by the balcony door are invariably crooked after I’ve passed by. 352 more words