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I took this test at http://www.ipersonic.com and result is quite interesting..

“Independent Thinkers are analytical and witty persons. They are normally self-confident and do not let themselves get worked up by conflicts and criticism. 625 more words

Scattered Thoughts

April 20, 2014

Late night thoughts
Always drift towards
Though you are
Far away, you have my heart.

NaPoWrMo 2014

Scattered Thoughts أفكار مبعثرة

by Osama Mahmoud

Let us play a video game

آرح نلعب أتاري

The words were shared between a few but not the entire group

المجموعة مكونة من أبناء مُلّاك بيوت وأبناء غُفرا

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Scatter Brained

We all have those moments, when we are working or should be working on something but then life happens. We can’t seem to focus on what we should be doing because we have a thousand other things or we have one thing that we need to figure out but are avoiding so we “pretend” like we aren’t thinking about it and try to focus on something else. 479 more words

Being Creative

A Perspective on the Cultural Revolution

David Wells observes, 

We are now thinking of ourselves in terms, not of human nature, but of the self. And the self is simply an internal core of intuitions.

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Scattered Thoughts

E is for Everything

I’ve been thinking all day for a good E word to use for today’s blog, but I can’t seem to settle on one that really seems to fit. 330 more words