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It STINKS In Here!

The above is a real photo from National Geographic.  It’s an immature hyena hiding from lions inside a dead elephant.  If you’d rather see a hyena having a grand old time actually splashing, yes… 44 more words

Living In Step With Nature

Weekly Scavenger Hunt

We came across this great little ring bearer pillow on our recent venture looking for unique wedding items!  It’s super cute and has some great details, including floral accents.  40 more words

Weekly Scavenger Hunt

Counting pennies; a new bad experience

There are many ways to feel sorry for yourself. Lie in bed, stare at the ceiling for at least 15 minutes, and you would feel the need to comfort your “hurt” ego as you remember things that you are not satisfied about. 492 more words

Attempted Creativity

Jellyhead Creature Design

Designs for a creature I want to use in a painting. I took the idea from a deep sea creature which can move its eyes from a forward position to looking straight up. 22 more words

Sketch Book

American Black Vulture

American black vultures can be found in the Amazon rainforest, South America and North America and have a wingspan of one and half metres. These birds are scavengers and mostly feed on carrion, but they will also eat eggs and newborn animals. 35 more words


Bug treasures

One man’s abandoned bug infested storage shed, and my treasure trove.


Road Trip Treasure Hunt

Over the Fourth of July weekend my significant other and I made a road trip to ND to visit family and decided to make an adventure of it. 308 more words