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Wednesday Warm-Up - A Very British Dance for St.George's Day!

Today is the day we celebrate all things British and a Man who stayed a dragon many moons ago, so we thought we’d show you a “truly scrumptious” and typically British dance to help overcome your hump day blues. 134 more words


Tango a Tuesday - a step back in time.

For today’s tango we went back to 2008 to see Austin and Erin’s fabulously traditional tango.

We loved the traditional tango music, Erin’s dress, the choreography and dancing in this routine, which is why we chose to show it to you earlier. 59 more words


Day 93: Meat vs veg - my lightbulb moment

These days, you tell people that you eat meat and you may as well have said that you skin kittens in your spare time. In a world of vegan hipsters, meat is murder and using animal products is about the worst thing you can do after using plastic or not having a beard. 593 more words


Whole Roasted Chicken with Braised Vegetables and Bone Broth

Recently I have gotten into the habit of roasting a whole chicken and making homemade bone broth every week. This process requires a bit of up-front work, but then it makes meal preparations so easy for the rest of the week. 1,103 more words


By a Royal Appointment - A Strictly Support Group Chat

Tonight, to commemorate the Queen’s birthday we held a special chat to find out who was the queen or king of the ballroom and the dance you felt would receive the royal seal of approval from her majesty. 220 more words


Oven Roasted Smoky Chicken Quarters with Tomatoes and Rhubarb

Delish, Easy and Looks Fancy Smancy.

I love rhubarb! Spring makes me remember my grandmother’s custard rhubarb pie. Here is a savory way to use it in a chicken dish. 205 more words

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