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I admit, I am a pretty emotional person. My whole being and doing is driven by my emotions. My emotions are the things that drive my creativity. 220 more words



It has been about 3 weeks now that I have been without a job. This is not what I thought it would be. It is not fun. 572 more words

Life Updates


I love his work. More than that It fills me with awe, but then again I love Giotto.

Here’s a link to a review of the piece he created for the St. 12 more words


The Silk Mill Spins

Launching Future Works: The Silk Mill Spins Once More

On 18th December 2014, I put my English books to one side, momentarily removed myself from the solitude of pre-Christmas essay prep in my titchy student apartment, and took a train across the Derbyshire border for the launch event of Future Works: a well-manufactured compound of energy, revolution, and posh pyclets. 670 more words

Little call 'em A, Little call 'em B

Was today a complete success? Or was it actually really shit?

In fact, it’s been a half and half day with me. Whereas the morning was filled with laughter and banter, the night was all serious and sad. 300 more words


25th Anniversary blog series: 1993 - Rethinking the company

The UK Independence Party is making the headlines. Newspapers are under scrutiny for invasions of privacy and the security threat is at its highest level for years…. 765 more words


Guiding the Indian Flotilla


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reforming the relationship between the Indian states and India’s central government. He has introduced the concept of ‘competitive federalism’.

China, a country of similar size as India, has undoubtedly done better than India in managing economic growth and reducing poverty. 898 more words