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Fantastic sketchbooks: from the Tate Gallery

So browsing in search of new images or just inspirational stuff I came across this wonderfull site and BAAMM!! I was blown away by Turner’s sketches. 132 more words


Scenario 6

(You and Alice are the same age, you’ve been best friends all your life’s. Both study at the same university, live together but are on different courses) 150 more words


Game Design: SCI-U Wheelchair Scenarios

The realm of gamification provides a new frontier of educational possibilities. In the SCI-U: Using a Manual Wheelchair course, users were confronted with typical scenarios in which their chair encountered obstacles. 85 more words

Game Design

1MMD2014 [100 of 365] Fail to plan

…and you plan to derail!

How many more times do you expect me to map out scenarios?

I’ve ran the numbers over and over again and one thing has stood out above all else. 99 more words

Why Didn't I Think of That?

My sister-in-law always has an idea: something to do, something to buy, something to fix, and she doesn’t do, buy, or fix half of the things she talks about. 204 more words

Latest ‘Virtual Battle Space’ release adds realism to scenarios, avatars

The most recent version of the Army’s 3D virtual training game, Virtual Battle Space 3, allows players to personalize their avatar within the simulation and the scenes and scenarios look a lot more real as well. 676 more words

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