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Kingston Design Ltd (Scenario)

NOTE: This task has been designed for the OCR GCSE ICT course. The company and people used within this scenario are fictional and not related to real life companies with a similar name. 278 more words


Impending doom

Waiting for your narcissistic boyfriend to get back from overseas should require a normal expenditure of anxiety but when you don’t know when or in what capacity he is coming back you find yourself seeping out anxiety like it’s starting a stream. 392 more words

Permaculture Principles

The core values of Permaculture are: Caring for the earth, caring for people and the return of surplus.

There are 12 design principles which are 1 – observe and interact… 128 more words


8 days left. Only. It seemed like forever a few weeks ago and now it’s just around the corner basically. Yes, I said before that I would not be nervous to see you next Friday and openly talk to you about everything. 484 more words

Scenarios for the future of think tank support initiatives

I’ve been discussing the possible support of a couple of think tanks with a long-time funder. Underlying our conversation is the concern by the funder that when they leave (and they will) one of the think tanks will collapse. 2,050 more words

Think Tanks

Day 8- The Reason

Somedays I try too hard to make sense of things and place a reasoning behind everything that happens….it fails me, in so many ways. What ends up happening is that I begin to create illogical scenarios in my head, which leads to frustration, disappointment, and anger. 96 more words