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Breaking Out to Batangas

What to do on your free time ? Idling ? Malling ? Me I prefer a short vacation. That’s why when we had a company outing I never let go of that chance to join. 321 more words


Dark ages

This dark at around 4:30 on a December afternoon. We’re gradually noticing an improvement, though. At any rate it is nothing compared to the northern parts of the country, pitch black all day for the better part of winter. 18 more words


Video: Nightmare before Christmas in Lunde

Or just night.

Guttemusikken (i.e. I): Winter Wunderbaum

Shot and recorded in Lundegrend, early December 2014.


Xmas tree

The Lundegrend Christmas tree as it was lit, 28 November, only to blow away few days later.


Video: Mountainous gig

Oslo Ess på Tysnessåto, 10. juli 2014

JavaScript required to play Oslo Ess på Tysnessåto, 10. juli 2014.

Rock band Oslo Ess in concert at Mount Tysnessåto (or just Såto) during Tysnesfest last summer. 135 more words


Slightly filtered

Lake Vevatne.

Building site Kattaland Panorama.

Industry and nature.

A portion of Mount Tho.

The sky over Vassbakken.

Mount Tysnessåto.

Kattland. Methinks.

Parts of Lundegrend, as seen from Kattaland Panorama. 53 more words



Dear Diary,

Bohol is my dad’s province and it’s been a while since the last time I visited the place. I can say a lot of things changed, there’s a lot of adventure parks, hotels and resorts, malls and different establishments but it’s sad to say due to 2013 earthquake a lot of churches and historical places were ruined, but still Bohol is such a beautiful place with breath-taking and refreshing sceneries very distant to the polluted air of Manila. 252 more words