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Empty Nests & Flying Lessons

It’s been three weeks since a pair of Willy Wagtails began nesting in our backyard. Yesterday two of the three little hatchlings spread their wings and (rather gracelessly, it must be said) left the nest. 56 more words


Ecuador: A Restrospective

In English we use the word “visit” to denote the action of being  temporarily present at a location. In Spanish, the more common word is “conocer.” The best translation of “conocer” in this context is “to get to know,” as one would get to know a friend. 235 more words


Ice Is Nice

Down in White Canyon at Sipapu Natural Bridge, for further exploration. This trip I started to explore a side canyon that emptied in just above the Bridge. 298 more words


Canyon Cloud Shadow Mosaic

Cumulus clouds above, out of sight as I try to comprehend the patterns they break the sunlight into on the improbable canyons below.

My eye doesn’t know where to dwell. 152 more words