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The Exclusion of Smell

Jonathan L. Friedmann, Ph.D.

One of the foundations of art is direct pleasure. We are stirred by the elegant brushstroke, the well-crafted verse, the graceful dance, the sloping rooftop, the modulation from one key to another. 437 more words


Poem: I Don't Recall


I don’t recall
when I first fell
for fall,

too young to know
what seasons were,
or the reasons the leaves
fell to the ground… 92 more words

Fall Fragrances

The leaves are changing and there is cool crisp forming in the air. We love fragrances year round, but there is something even more special about aromatic candles and diffusers during the fall and winter.  58 more words


We more than gain

“Autumn is the mellower season, and what we lose in flowers we more than gain in fruits.”Samuel Butler

Happy first day of fall!  I hope this season is full of delightful gifts for you.  46 more words

How to make your room feel like fall

So today I decided I was going to make my room more fall-y. I don’t know about y’all but I got a teensy-tiny bedroom. So I don’t have ANY room for decorations. 331 more words

Foggy Flowery Scent by Blair Gaulton

Foggy Flowery Scent
Foggy flowery scent
Ripples through area
One smile at a time.
(C) BJG (Blair Gaulton)Sept 2014

Blair Gaulton


Amman’s air is intoxicating. It is warm and dry and gentle. I don’t know if air can be described as soft, but it is. Soft, silken, light. 235 more words