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The Power of Inspiration

Are you a leader?  Are you a good leader?  Or could you perhaps improve in some areas of your leadership role? I believe that encouraging your team, believing in your team, no matter the industry, is the key to success.   612 more words

Home Based Business

How it all started...

For many, many months I debated on joining Scentsy.  My friends were Independent Consultants and my friends friends were Consultants and/or Directors.  I wanted to be positive that I was ready to spend $99 to begin my own business and begin my own journey. 247 more words

Order Up!

Today, I officially placed my first order with Mix Party!  

I guess that makes me “official” now too, right?

One great thing I love about direct sales is that it brings people together.   159 more words

Rewards Programs Fridays Part 12

Good afternoon! Sorry I’m so late today! It’s been a super exciting day!
We woke up early this morning to go to my oldest son’s school orientation! 228 more words

Suck That Monday! Positivity Takes the Lead

Please excuse my title but I had a fantabulous Monday! I don’t even think that is a word in the English vocabulary but today it is. 212 more words


Scentsy Payday-EARLY!

Today is Scentsy pay day TWO days early! Yeah, we’re spoiled like that! My husband also got paid today! GUESS WHAT? HIS check for 2 weeks of pay, commuting to Woodburn 5 days a week, working 8 (sometimes more) hours of work was only $.97 more than what MY check was for a month-not even working 40 hours the whole month! 137 more words

Life Improvement Thursdays

Good afternoon! Today is a incredible day! My youngest is 6 months old! I also just got reinstated in Scentsy! I’m so excited I could burst! 296 more words