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Schär Gluten Free Croissant

Why the US doesn’t have these, I’m not sure. But it might be a conspiracy.

While at Petite Provence the other day, I mentioned that they need to make a gluten free croissant. 185 more words

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Schär Gluten Free Millefoglie

I would almost kill for this. I can’t find them in the US. So Europeans, you’re the lucky ones. I keep checking the frozen section to see if any happens to make it here but… no luck. 103 more words

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Schar "Season's Eatings" Giveaway!

Check out a chance to win Schar Gluten-free Holiday Dinner!

“This Holiday Season , celebrate with an Italian Delicious Gluten-free Dinner, made possible by Schar Gluten-free! 65 more words

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Gluten Free Grocery Favorites

I’ve compiled a list of gluten free products that I consistently find to be standouts in their field. Your mileage may vary, but I hope this helps a little bit to… 166 more words

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Schär Bon Matin Gluten Free Breakfast Roll

Let’s start with the basics, Schär is one of my favorite brands. Most of what they do is amazing — simply perfect. That is, most of the time. 222 more words

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Schär's Fette Biscottate Gluten Free Zwieback

Now, the whole word “Zwieback” might throw you. But don’t let it. Often these are the “crackers” given to children to help them teethe. My father used to love them even as an adult, so the term (and the bread-item) made it onto my list of acceptable experiences. 201 more words

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