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My first sweater and why I want schematics

OK, this isn’t my first attempt at a sweater, but it will be the first I finish, by gum! It’s for my grand-nephew. The first in his generation. 772 more words


(UPDATED) Tutorial 001: Blinking LED

Our first tutorial Tutorial 001: Blinking LED (that’s the older one) was just updated and put under the Tutorials menu.

This is very simple tutorial that shows how to connect a LED to the Tinusaur board and write the “Hello World” of the microcontrollers – very simple program that makes a LED to blink. 59 more words


Some more bypassing

Hello again! It’s been a while, I’ve been busy with family and stuff. Well mostly family. But the other day I decided to finally convert my CryBaby into true bypass. 724 more words

Guitar Pedal