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Schenectady Police Ask Public for Help in Finding Missing Man Craig Levy - Time Warner Cable News

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — Schenectady police are asking for help in finding a man last seen more than two weeks ago.
Craig Levy was last seen leaving a residential treatment center on July 15. 22 more words


Johnny's Italian-American Restaurant

Located right on State Street, across from Proctors, is Johnny’s Italian American Restaurant. From the sidewalk Johnny’s looks like a lot of fun; it has patio seating, bright blue balconies, and music that van be heard across the road. 111 more words


Schenectady's almost in the top 10...and that's not a good thing

While traveling in Brazil for the World Cup, I was seriously concerned about being robed, especially given all the bad press on crime in Brazil and repeated statements from Brazilians I know to stick to the touristy areas. 297 more words


The Happy Cappuccino

Nestled on the corner of Jay and State Street, in Downtown Schenectady is the Happy Cappuccino; inviting the town to come in their open doors. 278 more words


July 4, 1961: Revolutionary Pipe Joint Patent; 1832: Letter from Chester Averill about Cholera; 2013: Natural Immunity from Cholera

July 4, 1961:  On this date, Patent Number 2,991,092 was issued to Mr. J. W. MacKay of the American Cast Iron Pipe Company in Birmingham, Alabama, for the Fastite push-on-rubber gasket joint  for iron pipe.  607 more words


Economic development should focus on people, not places

What does economic development mean?

The term is certainly common enough that everyone has heard it, but when asked to define economic development, I’m willing to bet that most people will give different answers. 279 more words