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Last night I discovered the reason I got off of facebook with glee a few  years ago, I made a simple remark on an academic question, and then the whole thing, by another response which I thought was rather insignificant, turned into a long and ranging debate, with none other than Mark Shea chiming in by means of his usual unhelpful way. 3,710 more words


Reasons For Hope

Preview – A Short Story About Hope

The voices of the people in the next room were louder than usual, and that is saying something in the area I live in.  732 more words

Free Book

Martyred Priest Daniel Sysoyev: For a Christian, the best type of death is, of course, martyrdom for Christ the Savior. . . .

For a Christian, the best type of death is, of course, martyrdom for Christ the Savior.  In principle, that is the best type of death one may attain.

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Working Together for the Common Good

In Juneau, we went on a whale watching tour.  We saw eagles, sea lions, and the group of Humpback whales pictured above.  While we were watching we saw the whales dive, and a few minutes later they surfaced at the same time, mouth open wide.   653 more words


All that is appears to us divided

There is me and you or rather

so it seems.

But I, I alone, am dead, for what enlivens… 73 more words


The Prophecy of St. Francis of Assisi

The Prophecy of St. Francis

Shortly before he died, St. Francis of Assisi called together his followers and warned them of the coming troubles, which are now upon us in this time of great tribulation. 578 more words


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With the October 2014 Synod coming, remember this prophecy when the great schism occur afterwards. The majority will be happy to hear ("itching ears") the heresies and accept them, while the minority will unify under the Truth.

Maria Divine Mercy: My brother has gone missing, not geographically but mentally

We are happy to publish the testimony of a family member about the loss of affection and connection with their loved one… It is also the loss of relationship and engagement… Send us your story too…. 353 more words


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"Dialogue Ireland is an independent trust that works to promote awareness and understanding of religious issues and cultism in Ireland."

You can contact Dialogue Ireland via info@dialogueireland.org dialogue ireland