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Chapter 24

Chapter 24


William and Bryan discover crucial information about Jared, but can not find a way to work together.

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Fifteen Years Later

By Gregory

We moved to a new house in May of this year and we’re still unpacking and organizing. During this process I came across some writings of mine from fifteen years ago (summer of 1999), detailing my theological thinking at that time and tracking my decision to leave Catholicism. 1,149 more words


What About that Upcoming Synod?

Excerpts from Laodicea Blog

Is it really possible that a synod in October is going to repudiate the solemn teaching of the Church concerning the sanctity and indissolubility of Marriage? 153 more words

Eyes Opened

The "My Way or the Highway" Proposal

I would like to thank David Watson, the greatest administrative mind of this century, and Bill Arnold for offering yet another proposal for how to move forward in the midst of the current trials in the United Methodist Church. 719 more words

Chapter 23

Chapter 23


The voices put William in a life-threatening situation and Jared tries to solve all of his problems.

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Is Schism Unavoidable?

Over the past several months a divide has made itself visible. On the surface this is little more than a disagreement about whether to allow gay clergy and to perform same-sex marriage. 378 more words


Who is at fault for #UMC trials?

Ownership: A Personal Account

As a leader, one of my habits is to attempt, as far as possible, to claim maximum responsibility for everything that happens in my life.   1,703 more words