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Symptoms or reality?

I know I must be starting to have symptoms other than just hearing things.

I think I’m making connections where there are none – parts of conversations from different people over an unlikely amount of time are starting to converge on me and I feel like something is brewing. 267 more words


I Love Wiz

No matter how down I am, I can turn on Wiz, and my mood is instantly lifted.

Talk about creative visualization….Wiz is a MASTER at that shit.

I Am Just the Weirdest Person Ever About Food

Anybody who’s been a regular reader of my blog has picked up that I’m really odd about food. My very first post, in fact, centered around it, as did one of my favorite adventures, the time I went to a  790 more words

Memories of being off Antipsychotic

In order to see if my sleep problems would disappear, I was slowly taken off of Zyprexa. I lived for a year or two on a mood stabilizer, but not the antipsychotic. 816 more words


Childhood memories (written for Therapist to help diagnose me)

I want to be diagnosed correctly, so I went into my childhood memories with the hope of my Therapist being able to see if I have Aspergers or Schizoaffective. 2,924 more words


My theory based on thought the last post.

I think that if my Bipolar was simply connected to the thyroid it would have shown up in tests long ago. My sister remembers asking the hospital if it could be my thyroid the first day of my hospitalization when they were trying to figure out what was wrong. 337 more words