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Toward a Schizo Affect: Part II

Disaffected through the operations of a structure of emotionality that relegates the behaviors of some bodies|mind to the non-time|space of madness, how is it that we schizoaffectives, or others split-off from sociality through being made a… 2,059 more words


Toward a Shizo Affect: Part I

It is night, the sun has set; darkness sets in, the moon withdraws behind a cloud—ah! I envy thee, Hekate, coiffed in silver!—leaving the mortals to dwell beneath. 1,453 more words


Prolegomena to a Schizo Affect

Affective is something:

  1. of, caused by, or expressing emotion or feeling; emotional.
  2. causing emotion or feeling.

Affect is usually understood to be an emotional state, a mood taken with respect to a particular thing, or to existence. 1,879 more words


hallucination inventory

the voices stand on the corner
of Brain Street and Soul
dressed like Sid and Nancy
laughing at the pills and voodoo

one whispers the… 52 more words

Spontaneous DIA/Coheed and Cambria Adventure Liveblog

Okay! I wasn’t planning on doing a liveblog of this, but given the events of the day do far, I figured it was well worth stopping off to do a sort of half-assed liveblog of my day. 595 more words


Hello lovelies!

Since I started this blog I have been deliberating over a topic which I was keen yet reluctant to write about: religion. The reasons I was undecided about it were that it’s a difficult subject to tackle without offending someone, but also because of my constant uncertainty regarding my own faith – or lack of it. 1,104 more words

Mental Health

Internet Exile

Well, it’s been a while. This is why I tried so hard to write something every week. Once I lose my momentum, it can be next to impossible to get it back. 764 more words