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I am writing an entry for one of my other blogs.

Writing this story is sad.  It’s making me cry and I am very good at stopping cries. 115 more words

Bathing Part II

I bathed.  I still feel the same, except cleaner.


I put a shirt on but it’s been too much trouble to get up for clean panties.   13 more words

Kidney Failure

I think I have a kidney failing….shit….and I don’t even go to a doctor….

does a failing kidney=zero alcohol….

don’t we have two kidneys?

Just wondering…cause in my family tree, we all die of stroke, suicide or kidney failure. 61 more words

Why You Should Stop Telling People With A Mental Illness That Psychiatric Disorders Don’t Exist

I know you may mean well by making people aware that it’s okay to be a bit different. We don’t all need our own versions of normal to have a label put on them. 2,232 more words


Eleanor Longden on voice hearing.

Eleanor Longden gives a TED talk on what it’s like to hear voices.



I have literally been witness to a demon or five making their exit from my flesh when Jesus saved me very abruptly in 2008….six years later, I hearken back to Matthew 12:43-45, as the seven or more really fuck with me hard.