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A philisophical point. Symptoms not real, yet real diagnosis

I have often ruminated about this.

Schizoaffective disorder is not my only diagnosis. I have also been diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy which can manifest some strange symptoms as I learned. 251 more words

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Whatever happened to the tickets to Paris?

I’ve been living with this illness (I shudder to say the word ) for quite some time….schizophrenia.  

In a certain light, Paris almost rhymes with psychosis — except for the first two syllables of psychosis. 58 more words


Day Four, A Huge Mistake

This morning, like any other morning I start with a recommended daily workout. Recently, however my doc prescribed Topamax and I have yet to pinpoint how it affects my cognitive abilities until today. 174 more words

Unique Magazine and Everson Museum of Art disabled artists exhibit.

Right now, at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, New York! The “Unique” exhibit is happening. “Unique” features the art and literary work of people with disabilities, and also prints a magazine, calendar and batch of thank you cards. 40 more words


Day Two

Started day two on medications way too early especially Topamax. I know it reduces cognitive abilities however I never dreamed it could to such an extent. 242 more words

Accepting the illness:check..Accepting the medication ?



It took along time for me to accept I had a mental illness. Infact at first I had no idea I had one. I thought I was totally alone in the world, in the dark. 341 more words

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Schizoaffective; We are more than the definition.

Between the lines of the distinctly placed labels in the Psychiatrists manual that is used to help diagnose people who are living with mental illness, … 266 more words

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