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Smart Relay Zelio

Apa sih smart relay zelio itu?

smart relay zelio merupakan produk dari schneider electric, zelio ini merupakan PLC (programmable logic controller), I/O nya tersedia beberpa pilihan, pemakaianya sederhana & mudah digunakan, akan tetapi berbeda dengan PLC pada umumnya karena output pada zelio ini berupa contact. 89 more words


Adventures of A Lady Trucker, Not A Lot Lizard


   You got the Witchy Woman here. Look for the large orange pumpkin and you will find someone like me driving it down the boulevard. For those too young to remember the CB radio, Witchy Woman was my handle and the large orange pumpkin was the handle of Schneider National Trucking company. 1,170 more words


Why Splitting Back-To-Backs Between Goalies May Not Always Be The Right Call

There’s an important difference between always taking the middle ground in an argument and recognizing nuance where many find none. Analytics are a case in which it is important to remember, whether it’s with corsi, or PDO, or fighting, or any other issue, that because of the imperfection of our metrics, our understanding of psychological factors at play, and our understanding of just what goes on behind closed doors, that what the numbers tell you isn’t always entirely accurate. 903 more words

Rückkehr in die Zivilisation

Gegen 6Uhr wachte ich, ganz ohne Wecker, auf und packte meine Sachen. Dann ging es zum Frühstück. Ich war der erste Gast, und die Familie die das Restaurant betreibt, guckte mich noch sehr verschlafen an. 597 more words