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Senior Year

Okay this is just going to be me venting, so don’t expect consistently correct grammar.

So far my senior year has been way more stressful than I could’ve ever imagined. 461 more words


Just another manic Monday

Two papers dooooooooown!!! It’s mid-term week over here at Pusan National University, and I pretty much spent the weekend holed up trying to cram as much information into my head as possible. 500 more words


My School's Mean Girls

My School’s Mean Girls Are Probably Me And My Two “Friends”. You Wouldn’t Actually Call Them Friends Though They’re More Like High Acquaintances. Anyways I’m A Mixture Between Regina George And Karen Smith. 75 more words


My last weeks

Finally holidays. Now I’ve got time to up date you guys what I’ve done over the past few weeks.

School was a lot of work. Especially in computers I’ve done a lot – Last week I finished the algorithm for a little program I’m going to write after the holidays. 176 more words

Snake Live

It just dawned on me, I never posted a picture from our Snake Live event at school. It is normally called Friday Live, but this time our extremely cool Principal was going to kiss a snake. 118 more words


Sleepless Nights.

I really don’t know why I’ve been sleeping past 3am for the past few days. For someone who usually sleeps before midnight, it’s really odd that I don’t feel very tired at all. 456 more words