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ENG 10: Vocab 10

Here are the definitions. Vocabulary Group 10
Quiz is April 18.

Grammar: Prepositions

School Activities

Asian Studies: Indian History Before 650AD

What was the Mauryan Empire?
Who was Ashoka?
What is the Bhagvad-Gita?
What was the Gupta Empire?

School Activities


The heat is part of the reason and so is the sudden downpour; there was this freak storm that hit Bekasi last week, which left everyone soaking wet and stranded in school. 343 more words

When The Blues Hit


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Personal Writing
Choice: “Do you fear death?” Or “Common Flood Mythology?”
Was Achilles really a hero?
Choice: Dante’s Inferno p 665 #14 or 15… 27 more words

School Activities

Summative Assessment [Criteria DEF] Forensic Science

One of the rooms in Fairview International School was found messed up and that several important things inside the classroom were missing. The incident happened yesterday and that your Science teacher informed you about it just today. 261 more words

School Activities