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End-of-Unit Tests in Physics and the Sciences

In order to determine your achievement levels in the IB MYP Criterion A, i.e. Knowing and Understanding, you will do another SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT next week. The SCHEDULE for the administration of tests is listed below for your information, guidance, and action: 42 more words

School Activities

E2 - Professionalism and Teamwork

E2 – [1] Exemplifies collaboration within the school. Teacher candidates participate collaboratively and professionally in school activities and using appropriate and respectful verbal and written communication. 436 more words

E - Exemplify Service To The Teaching Profession

Science 8 [Magnetic Field Lines] simulation

Your OTHER SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT, i.e. an ESSAY relative to IB MYP Science criterion D, will be discussed on Science Time today. I reserved the first 20 minutes of our time for clarifications about this new assessment. 168 more words

School Activities

Performance @ Mary Collins School @ Cherry Valley

Here are some of the photos my Dadda took from my performance @ Cherry Valley 57 more words


Children at the Planetarium

A visit to the center of the city is a rare phenomenon for our children. We couldn’t think of a better way to destroy these fond memories than taking them to the planetarium. 260 more words

School Activities

Matthew's visit

Matthew is the founding trustee of Hyderapals. Since the time of Matthews last visit a lot had changed. Matthew not only seemed to have landed in a ‘new school’ but also a new state. 265 more words

School Activities

Templates for Sciences/Physics Assessments [Criteria B, C & D]

I created this post to make some templates available to you anytime and anywhere. Try to adapt these formats in your technical essays and laboratory/investigation reports. 208 more words

School Activities