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Helping our kids deal with tragic news

Tragic events take place all around the world and with the recent sad and shocking incidents in Ottawa and Quebec this week, adults are challenged to process what has happened. 379 more words


Kids with LDs: Let’s not DIS their ABILITIES

“Imagine the difference it could make if we focused on the strengths of                   people with learning disabilities instead of their weaknesses.”                                                    (Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario… 552 more words


Social media "friends": Are they really?

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. I find these and other social media sites mean different things to different people. For some, it’s all about their “friends” and what everybody’s up to. 704 more words


Get Outside for Goodness' Sake

I was supposed to write a blog promoting the idea of getting outside to play. So, here goes:

Go outside and play.

Blog’s done. :) 340 more words


Parents: Are your phones really smart?

Let’s talk about phones, growing up I had one.
It was in the living room, and talking was fun.

Then they became cordless, nothing was tying us down. 185 more words


Get it done: Focus on Executive Function

Ever notice that, when we hurry, things actually take longer and we’re not so nice to be around? Think about it for a second. We tend to drop stuff, get easily annoyed or even forget to do things altogether? 521 more words


Will play-based Kindergarten really prepare my child for grade 1?

Let’s face it – parents tend to worry when their kid is starting Kindergarten. They stew about how Junior will fasten his jacket, manage his backpack, open his lunch and snack containers and get along with his classmates. 688 more words