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Gift Idea: Customized Book from Shutterfly!

Have you ever received an email from Shutterfly about making a free 8×8 book and you aren’t really sure what to do with it… but have a hard time passing it up… like me? 649 more words


Listen Now or Forever Hold Your Tongue

Put down the phone. Let the dishes marinate a little longer. Swallow what’s on the tip of your tongue and wait for it.

Wait for the still squeaky, sometimes whiny, always earnest voice of your child as he weaves another rambling tale. 562 more words

Healthy Living

Bedwetting Facts


  • Bedwetting is also referred to as nocturnal (night-time) enuresis.  Families commonly experience childhood bedwetting.
  • By the age of 3 most children stop daytime bedwetting, and stop night-time bed bedwetting by the age of 5.  
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Sugary Snacks and Kids: What’s the Right Combination?

“Mom, why does junk food taste so good?”  Good question! I know exactly how she feels, you see among other things, she’s also inherited my sweet tooth.  409 more words


Helping our kids deal with tragic news

Tragic events take place all around the world and with the recent sad and shocking incidents in Ottawa and Quebec this week, adults are challenged to process what has happened. 379 more words


Kids with LDs: Let’s not DIS their ABILITIES

“Imagine the difference it could make if we focused on the strengths of                   people with learning disabilities instead of their weaknesses.”                                                    (Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario… 552 more words