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Lines are everywhere...

This week in my portrait class we had an assignment where we needed to show off how posing girls and guys look different. We were instructed to silhouette a girl and a guy and have them both do six feminine and six masculine poses. 74 more words

Jordyn Cimbura

Heaven's Kitchen (Final Draft)

Heaven’s Kitchen
It starts with the smell, wafting in from the kitchen about six. At first there is nothing, just the starting smells of spices being opened. 636 more words

Short Story

Digital Presentation: Drums

Here is a presentation I did for my New Media Class on Drums. Drum Presentation

School Assignments

Stop motion project

This is my stop motion assignment that I did for my digital technology class. We were instructed to shoot at least 1500-2000 frames and put it together in photoshop with some music. 78 more words

School Assignments

Just Waddling along

For my stop motion video, I decided to go with the baby ducks following their mother concept. I used my old baby doll’s shoes as the babies and my sister’s rainboots as the mother. 75 more words

School Assignments

The Brenizer Method

We were given an assignment to make a panoramic creation with the choice of subject up to us. I originally was going to make a panorama of a lake near my house, but then curiosity got the best of me and I started to watch tutorials on the Brenizer method which our instructor told us about. 86 more words

School Assignments