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Learning to use photoshop 101....

In my digital imaging class last semester we learned many different tools. One of which was a pen tool. We used it to cut this table out of the deck it was sitting on. 78 more words

Jordyn Cimbura

Confrontation (Draft 1)

The lighting in the bathroom was dim, the last of three light bulbs beginning to flicker. The cause of such flickering came from the straight iron plugged into the wall. 471 more words


Roswell WIP

This is a WIP for my matte painting class of the Roswell UFO crash. So far all I’ve done is place midground and background elements and quickly blend them together.

School Assignments

Some more baseball

It took so many games just to get 5 action shots.¬†It was so emotionally exhausting but i’m glad I got the experience of getting in for free and going to 8 games. 94 more words

School Assignments


When I was given an assignment to photograph shoes, I couldn’t think of anything at all do for it. I looked online for inspiration but just couldn’t come up with anything. 77 more words

School Assignments

Product Lighting Performance Quiz

Friday in my product lighting class I had a performance quiz on how to light an oil can. In the first image you can see how I correctly exposed the oil can with the ambient light shining on it while giving it actual tonality. 77 more words

Jordyn Cimbura


Yesterday I turned in a baseball assignment and I am so glad it is over with. I did have fun going to baseball games with my friends, but after 8 games I was pretty worn out. 78 more words

School Assignments