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Ladies and Gentlemen…

today I had a phonecall about something unsettling. Something thart has happened to a little boy and all my fault.

I have had a number of … prodigies over the years and one is still only about 9 years old. 1,499 more words

I am ME! An Empowering Video About Anti-Bullying

I am fortunate enough to have friends support me through times when people would succumb to bullying. When I came out to my friends, not a single one of them left my side. 34 more words


Motivational Speakers for Schools

Trained and experienced speakers know how to converse messages efficiently to students, mainly high school teens. Teenagers are relatively difficult to talk to, and expert speakers know how to use precise communication methods to reach out to them… 233 more words

Bullying Programs

Teasing vs. bullying

Readers are encouraged to review a previous article where I first described the difference between
bullying and “peer challenges.”


Peer challenges are constructive confrontations by one person intended to test the strength of the other.

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Don't ignore the signals....

Have you noticed that your once happy child is moody, depressed or just not himself? Have you sought help from professionals only to be told that it’s “normal” for teen behaviour or that bullying is a “Right of Passage”? 138 more words


From teasing to bullying

Recognizing peer group control
Forging a relationship with peers is not accomplished without the heat of conflict, especially during the late elementary school years. During the first two-thirds of elementary school, children developed close friendships within groups that had permeable boundaries for belonging. 230 more words


President Obama explained it this way:

“If there’s one goal of this conference, it’s to dispel the myth that bullying is just a harmless rite of passage or an inevitable part of growing up.  It’s not.”