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Feminism at home and school

2014 was a good year for Feminism, I’ve been reading. Women suffered all over the world in the most horrendous ways, just for being female – no news there – but 2104 was the year some kind of critical mass of protest was reached at last, or so it has been proclaimed. 660 more words

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court: Cyber-harassment is not protected free speech

In a decision affirming the convictions for criminal harassment of William and Gail Johnson, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) ruled that cyber-harassment is not protected free speech under the First Amendment. 336 more words

Workplace Bullying

Kiitos! / Thank you!

Avauduin edellisessä kirjoituksessa menneisyydestäni ja kerroin lapsuuden kokemuksistani ja sen aikaisista olosuhteista. Tein sen itseäni varten, sillä halusin käsitellä ja työstää asiaa, ikään kuin terapiamielessä. En arvannut yhtään, että kirjoitukseni saisi niin paljon huomiota ja kiinnostusta. 374 more words


What Do We Do About Bullying?

So, this local story from my city and my school district:

A Fairfield Middle School seventh-grader took her own life on Thursday, and now her parents want to know if bullying was to blame. 538 more words

Non-fiction Writings

12 Days of Anime 2014 #9: The one-week girl.

There are a lot of things I feel very strongly against, and one of the main ones is school bullying, having been a long-term victim myself. 509 more words

12 Days Of Anime

What I learnt about bullying as a child

It is probably true that parents teach their children how to deal with normal social situations but not not-normal ones. So the easy situations you are told how to deal with, but the difficult ones you are left to work out for yourself. 1,050 more words