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Druid Hills charter cluster: We give up. DeKalb fought dirty and with no concern for community will

The backers of the Druid Hills Charter are tossing in the towel and tossing out accusations that the leadership of DeKalb County Schools blocked their effort at every turn, employing fraud, “gamesmanship and bureaucratic nonsense.” 1,392 more words

State Education Policy

Idealizing, Misreading Impoverished and Minority Parental Choice

In his The Charter School Paradox, Walt Gardner asks: “If charter schools are guilty of all the sins described in the multi-part cover story, then why are there waiting lists across the country of mostly poor black and Hispanic parents who are desperate to get their children enrolled in these schools?” And then he concludes: 775 more words

Charter Schools

Flexibility choices fo Georgia schools: Is freedom just another word for no money?

The Georgia Legislature has a fondness for passing education laws that feature the words “flexibility” and “charter.” Lawmakers like these laws even better when they don’t involve large infusions of new cash for schools. 735 more words


Publishing photos and salaries of new teachers and testing homeschooled students

In a bit of traveling last month, I ran into interesting practices I wanted to present here for discussion.

First, I met a teacher from a small New England system who said her photo, bio and salary were printed in the local newspaper when she accepted the job. 610 more words


Charter schools: An ill fit for rural communities?

Charter schools in Georgia remain largely metro Atlanta institutions because that’s where the students, the deep labor pool and the money are.

The main proponents of charters in the Georgia Legislature have never been rural lawmakers who stayed on the sidelines in the charter school debate because it didn’t impact their constituents. 410 more words


Deal backs off a bit on recovery district idea, but critics still concerned about expanded state role

I missed several notable education debates last week while on vacation including one around Nathan Deal’s interest in empowering the state to seize control of failing schools through the recovery district model pioneered in New Orleans. 591 more words