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A Sneak Peek At The Times

The following has been submitted to the Houlton Pioneer Times for publication.  Please join Timbered Classrooms in thanking the author, David Robinson, both for speaking out, and for offering our readers a first  look… 330 more words

"On The Table" - Scenario #6; Promise and Principles


“A major challenge is operating and maintaining a nearly full complement of RSU 50′s school buildings in spite of declining enrollments and a shrinking tax base. 1,197 more words

A Look At School Consolidation Through the Research Lens: From the Penn State Center on Rural Education and Communities

Like the Sunday paper, this compilation from the Penn State Center on Rural Education and Communities is extensive, and has a great deal to contribute to the decisions at hand… 8 more words

On Research Based Policy - "The Political Economy of School Consolidation"

“…(“technical”) arguments, tiresomely repeated in the current round of school 
 closings, actually serve to conceal the social, political, and economic agendas intended to change the behavior of the affected parties (communities, parents, and students). 95 more words

"On the Table" Series Continues: #5 - "TABLED"

Review this and other Scenarios currently under consideration by the Futures Task Force (FTF):


Scenario #5, where elementary grades would remain in place on either end of the district and a new 7-12 facility would be built in Crystal.   310 more words

"On The Table" - Scenario 4; "The Wheels on the Bus"

Review the Analysis of this, and other scenarios currently under consideration by the Futures Task Force:


Scenario 4 varies little from Scenario 3a and b.   703 more words

A Timbered Bookshelf - "From Schoolhouse to Schooling System: Maine Public Education in the 20th Century" by Gordon A. Donaldson Jr. Ed.D.

“From Schoolhouse to Schooling System traces Maine’s efforts to educate its children and youth through the twentieth century. It is a story of high ambitions, changing economic fortunes, and the struggle to shape widespread community schools into a coherent system. 131 more words