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“…it is becoming apparent that any significant savings to the towns, or increased opportunities for students will only come from the elimination of duplication of services….”

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How Big is Too Big?

“The century-old trend towards school consolidation and ever bigger schools is driven by a peculiar logic. School consolidators, posing as modernizers and progressives, tend to rely upon a few standard lines. 127 more words

Lyons-Decatur Patrons on Consolidation: Look at Other Options

By Brian Depew, Lyons Area Resident

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Around 100 Lyons-Decatur patrons gathered in their school gymnasium in Lyons tonight to hear from school officials, the architectural firm engaged by the board and the bonding agency to discuss county-wide consolidation. 144 more words


70% Tekamah-Herman Residents Want New Tekamah School

By Brian Depew, Lyons area resident

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A crowd of over 300 people gathered in the Tekamah-Herman gymnasium this evening. Following two hours of presentations comparing costs, levy rates, curriculum and activities offerings, Tekamah-Herman residents voted overwhelming to build a new school in Tekamah. 107 more words


Oakland-Craig Holds Public Meeting on Consolidation

By Brian Depew, Lyons Resident

Can also be viewed at burtcountyschool.com

More than 175 people gathered in the Oakland-Craig gymnasium this evening to hear a presentation on the prospects of a Burt County School. 532 more words


Column: Beware What School Consolidation Means

“In Maine, protests from larger and wealthier towns won them exemptions from the state‚Äôs consolidation law. Fifty-five percent of the students in the state were in districts that were ultimately exempt from reorganization. 121 more words

UMaine Prof Says School Reorganization Law Proving More Negative Than Positive; Consolidation Effort Based on False Premise, Not Backed by Research

Donaldson, who holds three degrees from Harvard University, said the greatest impact on educational attainment comes from the classroom itself and it is the classroom, not consolidation, where the emphasis should be placed. 144 more words