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Introduction & Chapter 1, Organizing Schools for Improvement

One book I’m reading during the “recess” from classes is Organizing Schools for Improvement: Lessons from Chicago (2010), by Bryk, Sebring, Allensworth, Luppescu, and Easton. As I’ve done for other independent readings, I’ll try to summarize the chapters and add my own reflections at the end. 600 more words


Guiding Principles and Other Crap....

Its Monday.  Now honestly, I look forward to Mondays because I get my entire planning period to myself.  


For non teachers, a planning period is a VERY SHORT, teeny weeny bit of a teacher’s day when they get to half finish or barely begin planning for future lessons, and/or answer 300 parent emails, grade 500 papers, and maybe (if it is anytime after 10am or before 2pm) shovel food into their face. 606 more words

Special Education

Don't look Back in Anger

You may have noticed… I have been rather quiet on the Blogosphere recently. So when very recently some twitter colleagues said some nice things to me – I felt I needed to do something about it. 1,281 more words

Self Directed Professional Development (aka FedEx Day, Delivery Day)

Daniel Pink‘s work has really changed the way I view Professional Development for staff members. There comes a point in the school culture shift when teams of teachers are ready to collaborate, build and innovate on their own.   526 more words

Access for Every Child at GSIS

Every year GSIS takes steps forward, improving student learning.  This year every single GSIS student in grades Pre-K to 12 has at least one dedicated device to support their learning.   448 more words

Technology Integration

Why whole staff training days are so important

I think it really is not possible to over emphasise how important it is for the employees of an organisation to see themselves as being part of the one team. 413 more words

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