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Why whole staff training days are so important

I think it really is not possible to over emphasise how important it is for the employees of an organisation to see themselves as being part of the one team. 413 more words

School Improvement

How to "Balance the Scorecard" when reporting on a school's performance

While it is important for independent schools to keep a close eye on the financial side of things it is important for Heads of School and Boards not to lose sight of the fact that this is not the only aspect of a School’s performance that needs to be measured. 187 more words

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Time wasters and workspaces – things that drive teachers crazy.

Where do the teachers carry their most common work activities?

The survey indicated the most common places for carrying out the top three work activities were the classroom, home and private office, if the teacher had access to an office (but this was rare for the classroom teacher). 476 more words

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In New York A Tale of Two Democrats

As election week dawned on Monday morning, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio went to the Coalition School for Social Change in East Harlem to announce an exciting and expensive public school improvement plan for 94 of New York City’s struggling schools. 547 more words

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Improving Implementation of Common Core Standards and Assessment in MENA

Learning is the imperative to equip future generations to respond and to survive in a frenetically and unpredictably changing world.

Louise Stoll, Dean Fink and Lorna Earl…

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Do your workplaces allow staff to flourish or to falter?

After many years researching the role physical learning environments play in the creation of learning environments in schools, I have been turning my attention to schools as teachers’ workplaces. 565 more words

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"I don't want to change!" Understanding resistance

The topic of how to introduce change in schools has been discussed and researched extensively. Searching “introducing change in schools” generates 99,400,00 results in .37 seconds! 697 more words