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SATs it!

This is not my progressive’s anti SATs blog – I think.

I agree with having tests and see them as a vital part of primary education. 607 more words

Riding Trojan Horses

“Trojans, don’t trust this horse.” Aeneid, Book II

I fell out with @theprimaryhead recently. It was over partnerships… This blog is not about partnerships, though much of @theprimaryheads ire is reflected here. 737 more words

Try Something New!

A little reading about school improvement and teacher evaluation will quickly reveal some strong feelings and differing opinions on these issues. On a regular basis, I witness what I believe is a significant part of the conflict. 479 more words

If-Then: are we thinking about it backwards?

I was working with a small group of big thinkers today. We were trying to formulate an “If-Then” statement: “If we then .”

Tarmo Poldmaa ( 254 more words


Stop, Look and Listen

“You can see a lot just by observing” – Yogi Berra

In this article in the Western Mail, Estyn has highlighted the way in which lesson observation can be utilised successfully.

335 more words

A National Teaching Service Mr Mainwaring?

Chris Husbands

The news of a proposed re-make of Dad’s Army preceded by only a few days David Cameron’s announcement of a National Teaching Service: a ‘corps’ of ‘elite teachers’ to be deployed into ‘failing schools’ at short notice. 849 more words

Teachers And Teaching Assistants

Stereotypes of Teaching - thoughts on chapter 3 of Professional Capital by Hargreaves and Fullan

This chapter attacks, with considerable vigour, many of the sacred cows of school improvement.

Books with titles like Teach like a Champion are questioned – … 538 more words