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20% Time- Genius Hour

As our district looks to add time to the instructional day, I found myself faced with reviewing what we would do with our additional 25 minutes of instruction. 414 more words


The Role of the Secretary in Schools

Recently I read a few articles about the role of the principal position. One article quoted Jody Spiro (Wallace Foundation Director of Leadership)  where she stated, “It’s really been a neglected position. 645 more words


What is important?

14th June 2014

It is very easy to jump on the latest pedagogy or app or trend, but without considering school as a holistic collection of programs, personnel, culture, tradition and expertise it is not likely to be enough to improve the effectiveness of a school for every student, every day. 853 more words

School Improvement

Cage-busting Leadership

Hess, F. M. (2013). Cage-busting leadership. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Education Press.

In his travels across the country, Rick Hess has met school and system leaders who have shared stories about evading, blasting through, or reshaping unnecessary and counterproductive constraints. 66 more words


Hacking Simple Systems: The Tale of an Incomplete Soccer Uniform

By Tatum Omari, Guest Author

When I used to think about systems redesign, and what would inspire a person to redesign something in the first place, images of super smarties standing next to state of the art tech contraptions immediately came to mind. 1,148 more words

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" This blog post explores the latter: systems redesign as not just a means to innovate but as a means to make due, be resourceful, and get by as a mom." Being scrappy and making things work within the current context is the only way new initiatives will thrive.

Making It Happen: "When Change Has Legs"

The problem with new initiatives is that nobody wants another thing to do.  Everyone is full-up, drowning in a plate that is over-full.  Still, continuous improvement seems necessary.   578 more words

School Climate

Meet The New Ofsted, Same As The Old Ofsted

During CPD training in school, the team was handed a bulging A4 booklet. So bulging, in fact, that the staples looked to be experiencing the same kind of tectonic stresses as the waistband of my work trousers during one of my ‘heavy’ phases. 589 more words