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I wish teacher status raised as dollar did...

It was a nice Saturday evening, after a hard work week when my brother invited me to join his company of friends to play billiard. I thought it was a great idea, to go out and relax, leaving all thoughts related to work, students, home works and lessons at home. 420 more words

School Leadership

What should we be thankful for in Education?

We all like criticising and often forget to remember and be thankful for those valuable things we do already have. In my first post I would like to take a moment to share some reasons I am grateful for education in Kazakhstan. 483 more words

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Leadership tool: learn to flex your compassion muscles!

At Ed to Save the World, we’re obsessed with figuring out how to unleash the leadership potential both of educators and the students they serve. And we are certain that at the heart of leadership are two skills: compassion and empathy. 601 more words

Stage 1: Adult Learning And Leadership

Incorporating humor in your lesson

Of course, it was hard to leave the zone of serious writing (“Everything matters: Globalization and Education”) and start to write about flowers, kids and all that vanilla topics. 623 more words

School Leadership

Gender in Education: Privileges of studying genders separately

Nowadays most potential learners have convenient conditions to receive education. Schooling system has been catering both opportunities for students: to study at common schools or at single-sex schools. 572 more words

School Leadership

Get married or die trying? The adventures of educated females in and out of marriage through the thorns of gender expectations

I dedicate this post to all the single ladies.

Guess what is the most popular question among my relatives and friends? If your guess is connected to something like “How is it going?”, “How is your study?” or “How do you like the weather?”, I have a bad news for you. 862 more words

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The Met school - Hogwarts of real education

Can you imagine a school where you don’t have to sit at boring lessons, write your homework and memorize bunch of unnecessary facts which will not be useful for you in the future? 1,237 more words

School Leadership