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For The Children

“Four legs good! Two legs Better!” bleated the sheep near the end of Orwell’s Animal Farm.

And so it goes these days.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. 206 more words

Everything Ray

Chesterfield County pushes for healthier school lunches

RICHMOND, Va – Debbie Shiflett, Chesterfield County Public Schools’ Nutrition Services Supervisor, and Sandy Stokes, District Dietician, brought along some delicious and nutritious school lunches now being served in Chesterfield County schools. 50 more words

Virginia This Morning

Sticky situation: School food bans

I had mixed feelings as I read the recent CBC coverage of peanut butter substitute bans in PEI schools. Part of me thinks that many children could do with a little more variety than the traditional PBS (peanut butter substitute) and jelly. 232 more words

School Lunches, Week Four

1. Veggies with Red Kidney Bean Dip and
Tofu Medallions with Steamed Lotus Seed Bun

The tofu medallions were very flavourful.  I added sunflower seeds to the red kidney bean dip for added texture.   587 more words

Our School Lunches

Healthy Foods in Schools: A Solution and a Problem

In 2010, Michelle Obama got Congress to pass a law that makes schools serve healthy meals. While the idea has good intentions, fewer children are eating school lunches. 277 more words

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