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Serving this body

All our life we are busy serving this body – feeding it with food, keeping it comfortable, giving it pleasure, taking medicine when it’s sick, lying on bed when it’s tired… 45 more words



On the Origins of Motivation at Work

Getting people to work hard and do their best – to be highly motivated – is a central problem not only of individual businesses but of the economy as a whole. 58 more words


What if you fly?

I love this saying. To me it is a great reminder of believing in the good and believing in yourself. Simply because there is no reason not to. 37 more words

School Of Life

The 7C's of Achievers

After having studied and research top achievers and peak performers indifferent walks of life over the years, I’ve concluded that these unique men and women have, in most cases, mastered what can be call the Seven C’s of Achievers. 210 more words

School Of Life

Getting into trouble

It’s not what you don’t know that gets you in trouble.
It’s what you do know that ain’t so which gets you.

– don’t know by who


What I know and don't know

Being honest and accurate about what you actually know and don’t know forces you to identify and fill gaps in your understanding.
It is at the interface between what you actually know and what you don’t yet know that true learning and growth occur.

– Edward Burger and Michael Starbird


The School of Life view on careers

One of the most enjoyable parts of talking to young people about careers is the uneven and unpredictable mixture of the nuts and bolts (what grades do I need for this course?) and the bigger questions (how do I find a job that makes me happy?) you get. 397 more words

Careers Theory