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School of life: Dealing with suffering

There are primarily two ways to deal with suffering:
– finding meaning in it,
– or letting go.

Trying to avoid only brings more suffering.

School Of Life

Phenomenon: Desire is always wanting what you don't have

The desireful is always wanting and therefore restless.
The desireless has nothing to look forward to and therefore depressed.

Happiness is not truly about desire. 6 more words


Phenomenon: A cause of unhappiness

Very likely, our misguided pursuit of happiness is the main cause of our unhappiness.

As quoted by Haruki Murakami:
“Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.”


Life lessons from everyday encounters

My most vivid and earliest memory that I can trace back from is of myself in my first day of Kindergarten.

My family were migrants from the Philippines 19 years ago and my biggest struggle was trying to learn and understand the English language. 487 more words

School (of Life)

the 10 things you'll learn by the time you're a teen

I learned a few things I had forgotten and cannot think of anything to add to the list. Great Article!

Failure To Listen

How to Fry a Samoosa

If you have attended any of my talks on Personal Branding or read one of my blog posts on the subject then you know that before you even think of creating a brand for yourself I advocate a process of: 854 more words

(memutuskan) bercerai ...

Minggu kemarin ceritanya abis berkunjung ke rumah seorang teman di Jakarta. Menginap, kurang lebih dua hari. Singkat cerita ternyata temen ku itu lagi dalam proses perceraian dengan suaminya. 384 more words

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