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Education: The realization of freedom

I think we should teach students about freedom.
That we don’t have to succumb.
Succumb to the body, to the society, to the ego.
That we don’t have to react. 156 more words


Curing the Curse of Writer's Block

Whether you are in high school or in university, you may have experienced the struggle of having to whip up an essay one too many times. 640 more words

School (of Life)

Education: Freedom of the mind

Freedom of the mind is the beginning of all other freedoms.

- Clinton Lee Scott


Zen: How many states of mind do we need to live well?


A single zen mind is enough to deal with a thousand problems.
There is no need to stress yourself and prepare for anything else.

School Of Life

Phenomenon: Structure of suffering

Suffering is a standing structure of three chopsticks supporting one another.
The three chopsticks are:
– environmental stimulus
– conditioned reaction
– conscious attention

Remove any one of the chopsticks and the structure collapses.


Spirituality: The art of giving

Too many people give with the expectation of receiving something in return. They think too much.
Such conditional giving creates tension – both for the receiver and the giver. 17 more words


In Whitehall Garden

When you work online, putting on normal clothing and actually leaving the house is important. This is why I work so often in cafes. Spend all day at home in your pajamas and you start to feel (and eventually act) like a guest of the state. 980 more words

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