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Hanbali Madhab

Abu Abdillah Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Hanbal ash-Shaybani was born in Baghdad, 164 years after the Hijra (780 C.E.) and was raised by his single mother. 279 more words


Hanafi Madhab

Hanafi is predominant among Sunni Muslims in Pakistan and northern Egypt (where the influence of the Ottomans was strongest). Northern Egypt is mixed Hanafi/Sh…afi while upper Egypt and the Sudan are Maliki, Turkey, the Levant (Syria, Lebanon and Iraq are mixed Shafi/Hanafi. 155 more words


What Dreams May Come...

There are two schools of thought when it comes to celebrity death and we’ll deal with the appropriate one first; the logical “right side” of the brain…the one that is analytical and thoughtful and preventative and reasoning says that we need to understand that this person had a place in our lives because of the job they did and leave it at that. 444 more words


Schools of Thought

If you’re at all familiar with the schools of thought in economics, you may wonder where I stand. Am I a Keynesian? Or perhaps a… 1,934 more words