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School Shootings

It was brought to my attention today that, at Florida State University, a shooting occurred in the Library.  Right away, I want to send my heart to those who were injured or personally influenced by these shootings.   252 more words

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Going Post-Postal

Been doing some updates to Wicked Game, as one might note from some of the posts below. I’m up to chapter 11…or was…when I realized that I had borrowed my citation format from some place that was not compliant with the major acceptable formats. 1,012 more words

FSU Shooter Feared Government Was Targeting Him, Cops Say

The man identified as the shooter who opened fire in the Florida State University library was a former prosecutor who recently moved back home to open up his own law practice and put some “troubles” behind him, friends and relatives said. 72 more words

More and more school shootings

It is the new trend it seems. This time a lawyer and former student of a Florida University is the gunman.

Can anyone guess why this is happening in schools all over the country? 22 more words


It's Different When It Happens On Your Street

It is but on a rare occasion that I will not make a joke about a tragedy. It is one of my flaws, I suppose. I say something woefully inappropriate at just the wrong time and to just the right number of people. 801 more words


School Shootings: The View from a Comic Book Written in 1999 and Re-Read in 2014

Author’s Note: This is disturbing. School shootings and violent deaths of children under discussion. I hope the fact that this subject even exists makes you angry and upset whether you agree with my points or not. 2,009 more words