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The Kindness Paradigm (43)

We are not planning terrorist attacks, shootings, murders or robberies when we are happy with the direction our lives are taking. So find your thing and pursue it. 28 more words

Kindness Paradigm

Pakistan's School Shooting

The world lost numerous promising young people yesterday. I know people die every single day; I am quite aware of the reality of accidents, injuries, chronic disease, and old age that play into these statistics. 192 more words

Just One Question

Just one question. When are the anti-gun groups going to Pakistan to launch a gun registration law, gun buy back programs etc.? After all we can’t have those evil guns over there running loose. 344 more words

A never ending war...

Throughout the years, there have been a number of school shootings and the numbers just keep piling up. It’s a sad tragic incident that seems to be escalating. 272 more words

Talking Terror

Last month I wrote about the aims of ISIS as NZ’s terror legislation ramped up, how their structure and organisation has become almost impossibly fluid, adapted to social media and the internet in a way that Governments are hopelessly unable to. 937 more words



Today was one of those horror days that your read about in the papers and pray it never happens to your school.  Five minutes before the final bell rings, the assistant principle announces over the loud speaker “This is a hard lockdown.”  For those who have never had the pleasure of working in a school, we practice three things now-a-days: fire drills, soft lockdowns, and hard lockdowns.   623 more words