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Tiny Victories

***Trigger Warning for school violence and shootings***

It’s been a challenging two weeks.  I found triggers in unexpected places and I found that I had the strength to ride them out. 741 more words


Just because you own a gun doesn't give you the right to kill

Politics in Texas has put a toll on my sanity, mainly because I carry a more liberal view than most Texans. A few days ago, it was reported in the local news that a couple were outside Aldi, a grocery store in Dallas, when a man snatched the wife’s gold necklace. 858 more words

“. . . a man does . . . not attack because his cause is just . . . he conquers 'cause he's the stronger. . .” (Carson McCullers)

Every morning my first thought is, “Shall I try to write about something, or just write and see what’s going on in my mind?” That may be a habit ingrained over thirty, forty, fifty years, or it may be that I have no choice. 956 more words

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

On Their Side

I just finished a book called Glitter and Glue by Kelly Corrigan. The book is a memoir about Kelly learning to appreciate her mom, who always had to be the glue of her family while her dad got to be the “fun guy,” aka, the glitter. 664 more words

Family Life

“These people [school shooters]: they’re seriously mentally ill, they’re hearing voices”: Will redefining the criteria for prohibited gun owners reduce school shootings?

The quote cited in the title, said by one of the experts on gun-related legislation I interviewed, highlights the difference of school shootings from other types of gun violence in the U.S. 540 more words

School Shootings

How We Talk With Our Kids About Marysville

The “gun” talk. It’s something that I had never considered, staring at my hugely round belly or cradling two tiny babies in my arms. Yes, I had wondered how I would talk to them about dating, alcohol, and sex. 1,278 more words

Big Ideas

War on Bullying isn’t working; where do we go from here?

As a nation, we are all pretty aware of the bullying issue. There are anti-bullying campaigns on social media, through commercials, and even movies about it. 643 more words