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Bullying and Mental Illness: What saved me from being a statistic

I realize I said the next article was going to follow the period of transition in my household; but, I was combing back through other things I’ve written on other social media sites and found a post that I would like to share.   1,670 more words


Why does God allow horrible things to happen in the world?

Why does God allow us to struggle?

Why does God allow us to hurt?

God has always allowed suffering (well, not always, but since the fall of Adam and Eve). 525 more words

Amokdrohungen und School-Shootings [Bücherregal]

An meiner letzten Schule gab es Amokkärtchen. Sie waren klein, gelb und laminiert und darauf stand, wie man sich im Fall eines Amoklaufs verhalten sollte. Ich hatte keins. 261 more words


Life or Death Professional Development


You know what’s funny about school shootings?


It’s the only time the public still universally loves teachers.


We don’t trust them with collective bargaining rights. We don’t think they deserve a decent salary. 939 more words

Active Shooter Drill

There's No Shootings like School Shootings...

By Lou Saboter

An exponential increase in the number of school shootings seems to indicate something deeper than the “guns don’t kill people” arguments that are bandied about. 1,415 more words

Guardian Defense Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of shooting a live workshop by Guardian Defense last Friday at Boca Prep International School in Boca Raton, Florida. I have never heard of them before being contacted… 501 more words


Punishing Educational Institutions for School Shootings: The Case of Virginia Tech University and ‘Timely Warnings’

As the last blog documented, the attributions of blame after a school shooting tend to focus on parties that are claimed to have failed to notice the warning signs given by the perpetrators and/or respond to the shooting properly. 683 more words

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