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RAS Foundation Rural Scholarship 2015

The RAS Foundation provides grants and scholarships to help rural Australians realise their potential through education, make a difference in their community and achieve their ambitions. 245 more words

Rural Women

How to encourage safe driving in young drivers? Through school sport!

Young driver road safety awareness needs to grow with young drivers contributing to 33 serious injury crashes in South Australia this year, writes LAUREN GARRETT. 337 more words

Road Safety

5 amazing kids who changed the world.

Who says teens can’t change the world? Students around the world are doing great things every day, while still in school. All around the world, you can find examples of school students who are setting world records, doing selfless acts, and contributing to science. 840 more words


US Youth Cooperative Leadership Scenario;Some Pointers

   An important link on US cooperative scenario  http://www.haywardwi.com/news/local/article_dc33b3ce-e0f7-11e3-8e10-0019bb2963f4.html,is indeed relevant at a time when cooperatives the world over are facing a big challenge to assimilate youth into their functioning.The developing countries in Asia-Pacific face a big challenge.In India,where 70% of the population is below 40.the cooperative movement,which is the largest in the world has really to attract the youth,so that the movement is a big success story. 177 more words

High School Dropouts: Including Teens In the Conversation

As the May graduation frenzy winds down, maybe it’s time to think about those teens who never make a traditional high school graduation.

If a teen is empowered, often with help from the adults in her life, leaving high school can mean taking back her education and becoming a self-directed learner. 233 more words

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