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"Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree, that means it is a plant, chocolate is salad " Guilt free for one day only-Butlers Chocolate experience

The TY Home Economics students recently visited Butler’s chocolate factory where they watched chocolates being made and sampled many of the chocolate delights. The two hour experience was  well organised giving you an insight into the history of chocolate, butlers own history and the day to day operations of the factory.The factory workers were quite busy with the lead up to Christmas, offering the  students the opportunity to witness the preparation that goes into each product. 158 more words

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虎媽名校'搜' 記

一心想去湊熱鬧, 做做虎媽, 去了一間全男私校看看。 英國的私校一般會於每年年底或年頭Open Day, popular 的當然要報名。我鍾情比較小規模的學校,由其是男生, 他們沒有同齡女生成熟, IQ可能高但EQ 一定低! 大班教學他們很容易被忽略, 誤認為是搗蛋份子! 無謂那麼小就打擊他們的自尊心!來日方長,將來社會會do the job, 何必那麼早預演?!

去了倫敦西北的男私校一趟, 他們於十月舉行了兩個Open Day, just show up, 無需登記。 那天我們準8時到達, 有趣事是途中遇到一位媽媽同行,一身OL打扮, 2歲的兒子騎在她的肩膀,她 左手拿地圖, 右手拿傘,記得英國的私校是非一般價格, 非富則貴而如此tough 的女人,真的汗顏! 93 more words

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November 2014 - Ski Tour Hoodies

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The Strange Feel Of Upcoming Summer (Timeline College Series #4)

It’s already 2009, and it’s the start of a new year. Every new year feels strange, it’s like starting over (it’s just the calendar, though). Aside from that, the smell of gunpowder from firecrackers filled the air and that was kind of toxic and unhealthy. 262 more words


Barcelona was Top Class by Rian Morrissey

When we arrived in Barcelona and first stepped off the plane, it felt like we were hit by a heatwave. The temperature was about 24 degrees. 241 more words



The average length of a school field trip visit is estimated to last one to one and a half hours.