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School uniform fashionistas, Tim Tams and Newtons 3rd law.

Who would have known school uniforms could involve so much fashion?

I had my first school day yesterday and it was great! I’ve gone to the same school for 10 years, so being “the new kid”, or in this case “the exchange student from that weird country that you might have heard mentioned once or twice, which you think might be somewhere around Belgium”, so it was a whole new experience for me. 1,372 more words


When hairspray gets out of hands...?

Even though you wear school uniform, it doesn’t mean you must look like everyone else. ^^


What is this?!

and then part two

part 3 coming soon!

Half assed backgrounds for the win!

Original Characters

A Biased Coup

I woke this morning and measured
Whether, I am a child
For yesterday when shopping out
VAT on my bill was filed
Yes filed, I say, on school clothes… 183 more words


[BIL] School Uniform - Seragam Sekolah

Hello Guys!
While I can’t sleep back, I just want to share my School Uniform at SMA Negeri 8 Bandung:

1. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday… 439 more words


Morning face

My morning face is very often angry. And this is why.

This morning, there was no hot water, and so I had to boil jugs to have a bath to wash my bits although my hair was lanky and stinky like a teenage boy geek in an anorak with a thing for gaming. 930 more words

Personal Style

***I started this post over a month ago. And then summer happened. And I thought I would be blogging constantly. Instead I have been sleeping. And shopping! 646 more words