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Impractical yet adorable Hello Kitty school uniform set for spring debut

In many countries around the world, mandatory school uniforms are the bane of students’ lives, with their unflattering shape and drab color scheme. Their purpose seems to be to help pupils blend into a homogeneous mass of unfashionable conformity, and are often enforced under the logic that they “promote modesty” and “prevent distractions from learning”. 380 more words


Back In Time Korea: First Day Nerves

August 11th, 2010

Hey everyone!!

I don’t start school for another week, on the 18th. I’m a little scared….It will all be in all in Korean,어떻게!!!! 192 more words

Pimp my uniform

Nazia Akhtar (S2) reflects on the pros and cons of school uniform…

I recently carried out an informal poll to find out how Paget students feel about wearing regulation clothes to school each day. 439 more words



I had the opportunity to photograph my oldest son for the cover of TIME for Kids magazine and I must say it was one of the most rewarding moments of my career. 179 more words

Thai schoolgirl uniforms poised to edge out traditional Japanese ones in Japan?

It looks like Japanese girls can’t get enough of schoolgirl uniforms these days. Once loathed by their wearers as stuffy, boring and a symbol of conformity (pretty much kryptonite to teenagers), Japanese girls have – over the last few decades – come to embrace the schoolgirl uniform as a sexy, fashionable and customizable wardrobe choice in and out of the classroom. 212 more words


Sorry my late post, just I didn’t have any free time.

Now I read my homework composition again and I like share whit you.

The pros and cons of school uniform…

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Alter 1/8 Scale Nanoha Takamachi School Uniform Ver.

My favorite Nanoha PVC is Alter‘s 1/8 Scale figure of Nanoha in her school uniform, sculpted by Noburu Akedagawa. Out of all my other figures, this is my favorite because I see it as representing all that I love about the… 606 more words