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For That A+ in Style

Who says going back to school has to be boring? With our cute and super CHEAP uniforms you can make sure you make a comeback with this new school year ;) Rock our… 11 more words

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Customize and Accessorize your School Uniform

We often customize and sometime accessorize our school uniform so it looks unique.

One way is rolling up our pants leg

Another way is unbuttoning our shirt… 50 more words

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Uniform Store in Miami Gardens and Giving Economic Benefits to Parents

It is not hard to think that with the school kids wearing school uniforms, the parents will also get savings from not having to buy lots of everyday clothes for their children to wear to school daily. 372 more words

School Uniforms

School Uniforms from Store in Miramar - The Effective Dress Code Control

For schools requiring their students to wear the official uniforms store in miramar when inside the campus and attending classes, they are also imposing the required dress code, making it official for everybody to wear only one type of clothes while inside the campus. 374 more words

School Uniforms

The Top 5 Things to Hate and Love about England with Pie Recipe! (Part II)

Now that I’m back in the States, I can genuinely say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. By which I mean that I miss a lot of things about England that don’t exist in the US, and thinking about them while being several thousands of miles away from it helps me appreciate them better. 2,614 more words


Conversation Starters


I have decided, that if I can’t think of a story to write, then I might as well just ask for some interesting topics that can start conversations such as Pollution, School Uniforms and such. 27 more words

Help Them Learn

In the Dominican Republic, school is relatively similar. Children come in the mornings to learn math, writing, reading, and history. However, one difference the children in the after-school program face is that they are not allowed to attend school in their area unless they have a uniform. 166 more words