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School Uniforms and Suits

I know that school uniforms make life easier and are practical for most people.

However I would like you to consider the possibility; that the rules that go with wearing a school uniform, have negatively impacted on the reality of your own perception of who you are. 288 more words

Social Communication

Will Bennett (SOMB) Makes a Return Visit to Ukhanyo School

Masicorp was recently pleased to welcome Will Bennett back to Ukhanyo School. Will is an American businessman and philanthropist who was one of the founding members of Californian clothing company, … 256 more words

Fundraising News

Arguments about School Uniforms

Today, we began our journey into our new unit of writing study based upon argument writing.  Now, I’m assuming there are some parents out there that are thinking to themselves, “Great, this crazy guys is now teaching my kid to argue better… just what I need!”  But, wait till you hear all the amazing reasons why teaching about argument writing is so important! 142 more words

On school clothes (part one of two)

You may have noticed– and hopefully you clicked through and read the whole thing– my reblog of a piece Gretchen Kelly did for Feminist Friday about school dress codes.   2,230 more words


Back to school - music to our ears

We are relaxing in the apartment when we hear random bursts of rock music. Is it those party-animal old fogies lawn bowling across the street? Nope. 99 more words


Childhood Memories

I found these wonderful images on FB (Ormskirk Bygone Times) and spent an afternoon reminiscing about growing up in England. The quaint market town were I spent most of my time hardly changed over the years. 105 more words


Skirting the Serious Issues

The Jamaican media is struggling to find serious things to be concerned about. The hottest topic is the length of high-school girls’ skirts. Since the schools can’t get their students to pass their examinations they find it easier to get their girls to lengthen their skirts. 103 more words