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Veritable Representation

So it would seem that here on God’s good Earth men and woman are different. When looking at gender from a physiological perspective, there is little argument au contraire. 1,587 more words


Why We Chose Classical Education

So, I’m on the journey from engineer to homeschool educator (for details on the journey so far, please feel free to check out my previous posts).   597 more words


Things to do Thursday!

A great idea  for something to do this weekend would be to get some school shopping done!  :)  I took my soon-to-be-kindergartener to Target tonight and got her supplies!  43 more words

Things To Do Thursday!

Possibly Two More Weeks

Algebra 1 class likely will end sooner than the 10th. The student’s are almost gone. They are all heading back to the US or Canada to study. 16 more words

Host Everything!!!

Thank you AMIDEAST!!! I have received both my host family and host school (and my departure date). I leave home August 25, which is fittingly the first day of school here, but since both my parents are teachers I am going to have to be dropped off at the airport 4 hours before my flight which means loading up on frappucinos in an empty airport. 573 more words


I looked at the calendar today and realized, we are smack in the middle of summer! I remember, when summer would slowly pass by at a speed and pace that was just right for my youth. 317 more words

Classroom Introduction Video

Just finished creating a new video to introduce the class and classroom to new students. Students will watch this on the first day of the semester and any new students when they transfer to the school. 11 more words