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This picture basically sums up my school load.  The mud monster is equivalent to my professors, whereas the girl who is hiding her face is me! 364 more words

They Grow Up So Fast!

Hey mommies! Today’s topic is school.

Starting school is always filled with many mixed emotions from both the child and the parent. It can be nerve wrecking to begin that transition from day care to elementary school. 739 more words

You're right WP, a lot has happened!

So since wordpress has apparently been feeling neglected (judging by all the emails they’ve sent me) I suppose it’s time for an update. So the past month or so has been pretty eventful with my family. 332 more words

My Biggest Fears

Last week was an incredible week! I’m actually extremely surprised at how great it was. I’m confident in the two exams I took (though I’m still waiting for my grades and anything can happen at this point).   1,053 more words


I’m a proud member of my college community. The lacrosse team had a game today and usually the games aren’t widely attended but this one was. 191 more words



With the simmering summer heat, a sizable portion of Indian parents are pondering on how to tackle another dilemma, the college admissions for their kids. While the school going kids are enjoying their holidays in full swing, their elder brothers and sisters are scampering for cover from their parent’s questions and ire. 393 more words

High School

Everyone always says it’s the best four years of your life, the ones you’ll never forget, and I for one agree. So bear with me because this is a cliché post on everyone’s favorite thing to hate: high school. 276 more words