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The Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbit

The Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbit is amazing. The Bastable children are ordinary kids just like me. They are always looking for adventure. Readers will enjoy this story for its humor and mystery. 258 more words


Too Cool For School

Today I wanted to post about an outfit that is pretty typical for school. I love “dressing up” for school because it makes me feel more productive and makes me do better in my classes. 132 more words


Dr. Duke Pesta Exposes Corporate Takeover of Public Schools

The new federal education system – common core is brilliantly exposed by educator, Dr. Duke Pesta. It’s a must see for all parents and grandparents. 209 more words


Between School and College

 Hemos esperado desde middle school este momento, el  momento de finalmente graduarnos, dejar la escuela atrás y empezar la etapa en donde finalmente podremos aprender libremente lo que mas nos guste, donde nadie te dice que hacer, donde conoces a mucha mas gente, donde si entras a clases o no, no es problema de nadie mas que tuyo, esa era la mentalidad que yo tenia y que muchos mas de mis amigos tenían después de la graduación. 515 more words


Different types of literacy

Because the definition of literacy can be taken many different ways, people have developed sub categories of being literate, such as gaming literacy, or even driving literacy. 58 more words


New York City schools to be closed Tuesday: De Blasio

NEW YORK (PIX11) – Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that New York City schools will be closed Tuesday due to the massive blizzard heading into the area. 108 more words


The Unlikely Revolutionary

Mr Selwyn was not the most obvious revolutionary. He was a fifty odd man, rotund, bald but for a few strands of grey hair that he lovingly plastered over his head every day, returning it to its normal position after a particularly passionate speech on something or other. 1,183 more words