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The street stops here (High School Basketball Story)

Advantages Of Playing Basketball
Advantages of Playing Basketball
I know that many children like to watch the basketball match and they would like learn how to play basketball very much. 18 more words

12 Awkward things that only Communication students would understand.

  1. Like I cannot even reflect anymore about my personal feelings. No one person should have that many feelings.


  1. “Learning” from your peers. (Three class periods of boring presentations).
  2. 225 more words
20 Things

I Think the Word You're Searching for is 'Space Ranger'

Inspired by Adam Savage’s almost-authentic Mercury spacesuit—but lacking about $8,000—I decided that I would make my own NASA flight suit for my first Halloween as an elementary school principal. 374 more words


Rule #68: Halloween costumes

I love halloween. As someone who has a shelf of death in my house where I keep all my evil stuff, I delight in how halloween brings out the evil, sinister demon in all of us. 400 more words

A Much-Needed Break

Finally, I can relax. After today, I have 5 days off of school. I am so glad to get the break, but of course, my teachers aren’t letting me off the hook that easily. 419 more words


NaNoWriMo Here I come!

Charge ahead slowly, I say!  Charge ahead slowly.  With a whole month to work on the project, it does not have to be done all at once. 931 more words


Arms Alchemy Review

Anime: Arms Alchemy / Busou Renkin

I can’t think of anything to say right here.

Studio: Xebec

Source / Writer: Manga / Nobuhiro Watsuki

Genres: Action, comedy, fantasy, school, supernatural, shonen. 871 more words