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“Home study is schooling supervised by a teacher or a tutor who drops by a student’s house.

Home school is a form of education where the parent is the teacher and the child is the student.

Friday 19th April

  •  In bed – 8.46pm
  • Lights off – 10.53pm
  • Woke up – 7.55am

Back home today, and a drive which I spent trying to practice ADA and SA for the whole trip. 546 more words


A Barrister's Final Calling

A 62 year old gentleman stands in his criminal law office donning a plain Everest green t-shirt tucked inside a pair of gray track pants staring straight into a camera while pleading his story. 694 more words

A day in the life....

“By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.” Romans 11:3, NIV… 1,194 more words


Back to School [Blu-ray]

Rodney Dangerfield (Caddyshack) stars in the Extra-Curricular Edition of this uproarious college classic “sure to be cherished by all his fans” (Los Angeles Times). “A good-natured potpourri of gags, funny bits, populist sentiment and anti-intellectualism.” (The New York Times). 92 more words

CHAPTER I - Pre-Inception

   I love kids that think their special. That they’ve somehow acquired more knowledge than those they surround themselves with because they just did mushrooms or LSD or MDMA for the first time and think they’ve had some kind of spiritual revelation that no one else ever had before. 1,787 more words


Les Changements

That Weirdo has been through multiple costume changes the last few months. I wouldn’t say it didn’t enjoy them, but it had quite a difficult time trying to decide on which attire to stick to. 259 more words