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The New Age of Enlightenment

The 21st century is currently undergoing its own revolutionary age while extending some of the ideas brought about in the 18th century during the Age of Enlightenment. 252 more words


My first HS reunion

So my first high school reunion was scheduled for August 16, 2014. Yes, 10 years since I graduated. But it wasn’t really a thought that excited me too much. 441 more words


One good thought: Embrace the awkwardness

So if anyone has been following my blog so far they will know that there is probably one thing that I emphasise more than anything else, and that is… 1,081 more words


Medersa Ben Youssef

I knew I wanted to visit Medersa Ben Youssef even before we had arrived in Marrakech. One of the staff members at the riad also mentioned it, marking it on the map she handed to us, as a ‘must visit’. 225 more words


Yes, a degree in computer science is worth it.

Or any formal course in computer science, for that matter.

Some people say that computer science is too theoretical, in reality you’ll never use the things that you learned. 679 more words


What School Is For

We spend almost two decades in school. Yet, we don’t remember every lectures we take or every single info our teachers try to feed us. Yes, we can call ourselves “educated” or “degree holder” once we graduate in College. 315 more words