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So I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks now, and I’ve begun to realize just how hard it is to balance between schoolwork and creative work. 118 more words


School and Stuff...

Hello my fellow followers!

Sorry for the long wait. School has just been consuming my life, and I’ve been finding it hard to find any time to just relax and write a blog post. 152 more words

Laser Etched Cookies

The Microsoft Garage went to the Seattle Mini-Maker Faire.  We had a challenge for folks to bring their current projects and we’d vote on them.  I offered to do something… 748 more words


Nature, Indeed

Yesterday Calvin (3.5) made a collage around the concept of “Nature.” He cut out and then glued images from magazines onto a piece of construction paper.  82 more words


Sitting in a pub I too would have considered
a lounge, wearing boots that would have been
more than my rent.

Some are here with acne, thick hair under… 114 more words


Challenge #23: What are some of your routines? Sleep habits?

My routines? I don’t really have one, mainly because I move to a different city every 4 months. Between Waterloo, Toronto, Mississauga, and – this fall – Kingston, I don’t really have a chance to develop a “daily routine” type of thing. 772 more words


How Tripping Helped Me Stop Trippin'

Psilocybin mushrooms, commonly called “shrooms”, are much more than a simple drug. A 2011 study from John Hopkins School of Medicine transcends the negative reputation that frequently accompanies psilocybin mushrooms and confirms studies of the drug done in the 1960s. 1,069 more words