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LOL, so today I’m walking around campus and I heard like everyone’s business. Idk why people put their stuff out there and talk so much and so loud about their inner experiences and sex partners etc… I feel like i’m still in highschool. 120 more words

Thanksgiving -- Where You Take Your Pants Off After Dinner

I really wanted to title this post “How To Enjoy Thanksgiving Without Being a Fatass, While Still Being a Fatass” but I didn’t know how offensive that would be. 311 more words


I started this blog probably well over a year ago by now, and I didn’t write a single thing, even though I swore I would! I think in my heart, it felt like such overkill to write about the Leaving Cert when I was nothing but a bright eyed 5th year, full of hopes, desires, enthusiasm, positivity… Now that that’s all changed, I think I’m finally ready to vent about how I’m feeling about 6th year so far. 199 more words


Whimbrel at Asilomar

It was a quiet day at work today. Most of my colleagues had taken the day off, either to get a jump on holiday travel or simply to extend their four-day holiday weekend. 588 more words

Saint Louis

Because I'm a fighter!

So sorry for no new posts the last couple of days. My life has been CRAZY.

Let me tally this up for you all.

1. Flu… 48 more words


I love how I decide to go buy as much chocolate as I can for under a fiver after 10pm.

I don’t even understand as to why, myself. Interestingly enough I had to walk quite a bit before finding a shop – every other one was closed. 384 more words

"That's a wrap"

As my first term, in the Interior Design program, comes to an end, I can’t help but feel satisfied with all my hard work and success. 187 more words