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A customer recently came up to my register and her fragrance wafted over me. I assume that she was wearing a body spray. It smelled like sugar on top of sugar on top of sugar on top of the sweetest kind of cotton candy. 679 more words



I’m going to make this one a quickie because frankly I am exhausted and I have much more productive things I should be doing right now. 63 more words


A Matter Of Ethics

1) For Strangers: I would rather 1 person die than all 10 of us. We would have to discuss it with the group and decide all together.  518 more words


Simply the best labels ever!


I love these labels so much that I actually just became an agent for them.  I tell everyone I know anyways, so why not? But, I didn’t want to do it for me especially since I am adding it to my blog, that just seems wrong. 524 more words

Fabulous Finds

Gotta see it to believe it!

Me: …Oh, I know, you hate my guts…?
Student 1: Yeah.
Me: A lot or a little?
Student 1: Um, maybe a little.
Me(to a second student): Do you hate my guts? 22 more words

The Crumpett Files