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Odyssey Leadership Academy Town Hall Meeting

As I wrote in a previous post, I have started walking out a dream for a school that embodies in the flesh the many ideas I have written about on this blog: a school that works to shape wise, virtuous, and compassionate architects of repair in the world; a school that pursues redemption rather than “reform”; a school that gives its faculty the freedom and space to pursue their craft with excellence, joy, and integrity; a school that works to shape fully flourishing human beings who will work to shape fully flourishing communities; a school that works to put an end to things like violence, gangs, poverty, crime, hunger, pollution, oppression and injustice; a school that places mentoring at the moral center of its existence; a school that works to shape more peacemakers, healers, and storytellers; a school that sees students as creators, discoverers, inventors, scholars, and citizens, rather than test takers, measurables, and data walls; a school that sees faculty as highly esteemed intellectuals and truly compassionate professionals;  a school, in short, that does nothing less than completely re-imagine what we mean by education! 219 more words


Garage CCC Schooling Center / Form Bureau

Architects: Type Bureau Place: Moscow, Russia, 119049 Architects In Charge: Olga Treiwas, Vera Odyn, Daria Sheina Area: 1215. sqm Yr: 2014 Photographs: Asya Baranova

From the architect. 22 more words

College isn't for everybody

I’ve only been in college for nearly two years now and I completely understand what people meant when they said, “College isn’t for everybody” because it’s not. 837 more words


A Vegan Appalachian Trail Hike

Since it’s Earth Day, I thought I would write about an environmental issue and the AT.  Conservation is a key problem, but there are things we can do in our daily lives that can prevent development and environmental damage to the natural world.   1,462 more words

Appalachian Trail

Working on the Canter

Does anybody have any suggestions for schooling the canter?

I am riding a horse that doesn’t exactly like to canter. The owner thinks maybe it is because of his short back although saddle fit has been checked many times and that doesn’t appear to be a glaring factor. 284 more words

A-Z of Compassion: School

Children excitedly smile as they walk;

The clothes and supplies they couldn’t afford

And field trips with school were out in the past,

But thanks to their sponsors, they now have a blast.

This is Compassion.

Academic Inflation - How Education is Robbing you of Creativity

“Even a circus lion learns to sit in front of the whip, but you call such a lion well-trained, not well-educated”. This idea is taken from the thought-provoking film, 3 Idiots, and it makes a poignant comment on how unimaginative schooling systems are breeding generations of well-trained automatons. 785 more words