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How Can We Make Learning Fun?

“How can we make learning fun?”

Does this question sound familiar? Policymakers, parents, teachers and politicians ask it constantly. How can we make learning engaging? How can we make lessons relevant to students? 1,847 more words


What is Your Child's Learning Style

My perspective about kids going to school is very general. And all I knew is that my son has to learn what most kids his age are supposed to be learning. 245 more words


Using what you have, when you have it...

I have a few vague thoughts to jot down here.  Firstly, at the weekend, I was reminded of my quest for F to be forward and off the leg, or at the very least, not sitting on my leg.  593 more words

Highland Pony

Homeschooling Is...

Thank God, I survived my first year of homeschooling my five-year old son. Like any other first time things in life, homeschooling didn’t come easy. The adjustment period took a little longer for me than my son who loved homeschooling as much as he enjoys regular schooling. 227 more words


Lame anti-bullying "advice", that we somehow still use

TW: This advice is inaccurate and horrible, and might bring back some nasty memories for anyone who has experienced the horrors of bullying. 

You might have heard the story of the school in Nebraska that sent it’s students home with the… 668 more words


One goal down and a whole lot more to accomplish!

I did it!  I have completed a dream of mine that I have had almost all my life.  I have finished my last class and been accepted for next weeks graduation.  624 more words

Surprise! The Education System Is Still Screwing You

Remember a time where you were free? I know it’s hard to think back that long ago. But I mean a pure time of no worries, no fear of what people thought, not a single ridiculous expectation from society. 681 more words