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Entering the world of Swiss Public School. Why???

So, the expat part of our Swiss adventure has come to an end ! After four years living in the lovely English speaking bubble of an International School we made the decision to that if was a now or never time to try a Swiss public school. 388 more words


Reflections on Illich 03: Teaching is not all there is to learning, and it is not restricted to schools and schooling

Illich, I. (1970). Deschooling Society. Cuernavaca, Mexico: CIDOC.  Downloadable from: http://www.preservenet.com/theory/Illich/Deschooling/intro.html

p. 13  “A … major illusion on which the school system rests is that most learning is the result of teaching.  490 more words


This week the trend...

Is waiting.

The Sundial. Hampton Court Gardens, Hampton Court Palace, Surrey, England. Summer, 2013.

And yet there is so much I have to get done. 1,231 more words


Hoppers - My review on this solitaire peg-jumping game

Thinkfun has released a new frog-themed solitaire peg-jumping game called Hoppers. The game is for ages 5 and up. The contents of the game include a  game grid playing board that has a compartment under the board to store the cards as well as the frogs for the board. 566 more words


Why No One Should Be In School Past The 3rd Grade

The year is 1414. Phillip shows an interest in blacksmithing. At age 9 he obtains an apprenticeship with a master blacksmith. He learns by observing and taking part in the work. 640 more words