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Capped Schools

“Capped Schools” What does this mean to you?

I recently had a conversation with Lorrie Johnson, principal at West View Elementary in Johnston County, NC. I asked her to clarify what “Capped” means.   134 more words


More money going to Harris-Hillman arts festival for students with special needs

It’s one of the greatest and most inspiring events in all of Metro Schools, and it just got a big financial boost. The Harris-Hillman Ability Arts Festival has won a $3,000 grant from the state. 150 more words


School pupils sign up to libraries and green volunteers needed

Schools sign up students as Surrey library members

Surrey County Council has launched a project to encourage schools to sign up their students as library members so they can access the wealth of online resources, including ebooks, and borrow library books too. 175 more words

News In Brief

Touring the #MiddlePreps of Nashville: Issac Litton Middle Prep

Metro Schools is inviting local leaders, business owners and community members to tour the Middle Preps of Nashville and see the great things happening in them. 443 more words


CAFOD's Harvest Fast Day: Friday the 3rd of October

I don’t ‘work the land’ so I often feel a little distant from ‘Harvest Time’. The closest I get these days to that feeling of harvest is either pay-day or the day I do a ‘big shop’, stocking up the cupboards. 846 more words

CAFOD Arundel And Brighton

Paxton Academy pitches in at Thornton Heath rugby club

If mens sana in corpore sano - a healthy mind in a healthy body – was good enough a philosophy for those fortunate to have access to the playing fields of Eton, then it should also good enough for the children of Croydon. 779 more words