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Art, Buddhism and Schopenhauer?

from: Philosophy Tube.

What is the purpose of art, and what does Buddhism have to do with it?
Let’s dive into Schopenhauer and find out!


Afirmaţii care rămân

Cine are o inimă înţeleaptă primeşte învăţăturile. 

Proverbe 10:8


Afirmaţii pentru o inimă înțeleaptă 

Dacă toată lumea ar fi într-o parte luptând împotriva mea şi eu aş fi în cealaltă parte împreună cu Dumnezeu, atunci Dumnezeu şi cu mine formează majoritatea… 122 more words


Reasons for Writing

Hoping that ‘digital dementia’ is not too big a threat for the both of us, Di and I continued talking about writing.

Di: Since the rise of the internet there are many big changes. 625 more words

Tuesdays With Di

Interstellar y La Búsqueda de la Grandeza Perdida

Ustedes conocen mi admiración por Damián Gandlaz, autor de ese magnífico libro llamado Basura, que fue reseñado en este blog hace un tiempo. Hoy tengo el honor de publicar aquí una breve e intensa reflexión suya respecto de ese filme intenso y complejo que es  526 more words

Adolf Hitler – Speech in Munich – 12 April 1922

After the War production had begun again and it was thought that better times were coming, Frederick the Great after the Seven Years War had, as the result of superhuman efforts, left Prussia without a penny of debt: at the end of the World War Germany was burdened with her own debt of some 7 or 8 milliards of marks and beyond that was faced with the debts of ‘the rest of the world’ – the so-called ‘reparations.’ The product of Germany’s work thus belonged not to the nation, but to her foreign creditors: ‘it was carried endlessly in trains for territories beyond our frontiers.’ Every worker had to support another worker, the product of whose labor was commandeered by the foreigner. 4,645 more words

Jews / Jewish Problem



And what is 'experience'?

Experience is what empiricism is all about. But, it transpires, not just empiricism. In the London Philosophy Club reading group we have been branching out into continental philosophy, and much to my surprise the continentals, just as much as empiricists, look to experience to support them in their arguments against metaphysics. 992 more words