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Home library, probably the most important place in your apartment.

“To buy books would be a good thing if we also could buy the time to read them.”

Arthur Schopenhauer.

“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”

Groucho Marx


Sieg der Entsagung. Leben und Sterben mit Schopenhauer

Als Dietmar Gottschall und Silke Siegel 1962 ihren berühmten “Rundbrief” an die intellektuelle Elite der Bundesrepublik verschickten, worin sie ganz unironisch die Frage nach dem Sinn des Lebens stellten, riet ihnen der Schriftsteller Rudolf Walter Leonhardt statt einer eigenen Antwort, die Werke der großen Philosophen zu lesen, und setzte hinzu: 3,686 more words


Construire sa pensée, ou pas

Salut les enfants !

Avec un peu de retard, je souhaitais revenir sur la vidéo (très courte comme d’habitude) relative à l’échange entre Eric ZEMMOUR et Anne DORVAL. 532 more words

Secondary works on Kant

Good interpretations of Kant are hard to find. A good interpretation is one that is original, discloses something of his thought, and is at least a bit provocative or controversial. 132 more words


Quote of the week

I’ve been feeling particularly poetic these last few days so instead of a quote you guys are getting a part of one of my favorite poems: 195 more words

To preach morality is easy; to establish morality is difficult

My dear friends, it is true that to establish morality is difficult; to preach morality is easy. To establish morality means to establish it out of wisdom, and one must first have this wisdom. 171 more words