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Comforts of pessimism

“ theory of pessimism was a great comforter of superior minds and lofty souls; it revealed society as it was, insisted upon the stupidity of women, pointed out the spirals of life, saved you from disillusionment by teaching you to expect as little as possible, to expect nothing at all if you were sufficiently strong-willed, indeed to consider yourself lucky if you were not consonantly visited by some unforeseen calamity.

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perceptions of war and fighting and other things

Oscar Wilde once wrote: As long as war is regarded as wicked it will always have its fascination. When it is looked upon as vulgar it will cease to be popular. 173 more words


The Egyptian Lover - One Track Mind

We need to update our take on death, it’s been informed by Christian morals for far too long, and in hand with social media where we feel obligated to comment on a famous human’s passing as willfully as we would post a picture of last night’s dinner it’s becoming romanticised and habitualised. 508 more words

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Greek Mythology: "Dionysian Mysteries".-

►Greek Mythology: “Dionysian Mysteries”:



Dionysus is best known in Greek mythology as the god of wine, but he has also been associated with peace, agriculture, law, civilization, and most especially, the theatre. 651 more words


No, 'True Detective' Didn't Plagiarize Thomas Ligotti, Hume, Schopenhauer, or Anyone Else

It seems barely a week can go by any more without a plagiarism scandal — last week it was BuzzFeed’s resident conservative viral politics editor getting fired for lifting from Yahoo! 1,169 more words


[Resenha] A arte de Escrever - Schopenhauer

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Finalmente, terminei “A arte de escrever” do nada menos que arrogante Schopenhauer. Digo isso porque a modéstia passou bem longe do escritor, afinal, ele mesmo coloca a sua obra como uma das melhores do mundo já escritas (beijinho no ombro). 363 more words

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