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Escape from Capital

The composition of this book has been for the author a long struggle of escape, and so must the reading of it be for most readers if the authors assault upon them is to be successful,a struggle of escape from habitual modes of thought and expression.

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Technological Takeover: Good or Bad?

How different is a robot from a human? In the case of jobs, not very different at all. Robots today can  speak, hear, and preform in a lot of the ways we do. 562 more words

Kayla Cartee

The Creative Destruction of Bitcoin

A little more than a year ago I covered bitcoin’s creative destruction, and how bitcoin is more efficient money system on several economic levels. We also explored how  1,951 more words


Disruptive versus destructive innovation: an answer to Paul Prinsloo

I think that the discussion on business models, innovation and disruptiveness will improve as we make a distinction between value and profit, and between disruptive and destructive. 1,324 more words


Den store bagedyst: Er innovation en kage?

En meget jordnær måde at betragte innovation på er ved at se, hvordan mennesker benytter sig af det i praksis. DR sender et program ved navn  517 more words

Den Store Bagedyst

Power, counter power and creative destruction

“If you already had the power to change something there would be no reason to campaign. Campaigning is nearly always about attempting to alter the balance of power within a situation.” (Lamb 2011: 46)

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