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Entreprenuership is the solution

When a recession bites and companies and jobs start to disappear there is often a demand for government intervention to counteract these effects…

The Austrian economist… 203 more words

How to Think about Own Rates of Interest

Phil Pilkington has responded to my post about the latest version of my paper (co-authored by Paul Zimmerman) on the Sraffa-Hayek debate about the natural rate of interest. 1,543 more words


You should have been a poet

One of the most popular books of the year has been about finance. Piketty’s book on wealth in the 21st century surprised many that it could achieve that rare quality of being talked about and selling. 507 more words

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The political economy of Uber's multi-dimensional creative destruction

Over the past week it’s been hard to keep up with the news about Uber. Uber’s creative destruction is rapid, and occurring on multiple dimensions in different places. 949 more words