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The political economy of Uber's multi-dimensional creative destruction

Over the past week it’s been hard to keep up with the news about Uber. Uber’s creative destruction is rapid, and occurring on multiple dimensions in different places. 949 more words


Den kreativa destruktionen av universiteten

Ekonomen Joseph Schumpeter skapade uttrycket creative destruction för att beskriva de entreprenöriella processerna som innovation och entreprenörskap utmanar gamla existerande företag, affärer och strukturer ger. Det är en dynamisk förnyelse där alla delar av samhället, från tid till annan utmanas av innovationer och nytänkande. 963 more words

Creative Destruction

The Schumpeterian view of business cycles

David Andolfatto argues for the Schumpeterian view of economic development where the distinction between growth and business cycles is artificial. Everyone agrees that long-run growth is the product of technological advancement. 656 more words


Will the Sharing Economy Cause the Creative Disruption of Hotels and Taxis?

How have hotels changed in the last 100 years? How about taxis? Not much. But people have changed. I have an MBA student who rents out his couch in the living room of his one bedroom student apartment to visitors and makes $500 a month. 315 more words

Economic Theory and the Meaning of Competition

As it is, it is one of the great paradoxes of economic science that every act of competition on the part of a businessman is evidence, in economic theory, of some degree of monopoly power, while the concepts of monopoly and perfect competition have this important common feature: both are situations in which the possibility of any competitive behaviour has been ruled out by definition…

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