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The Genius of Roger Garrison, Part Four: Schumpeter and the RBCT

I left off in the last article mentioning a tidbit about the RBCT (Real Business Cycle Theory) and its connection to the ABCT (Austrian Business Cycle Theory). 2,527 more words

Austrian Economics

Effective Networkers are Shameless!

Being a good networker pays off – but it requires skill as well as shamelessness according to the Schumpeter column in The Economist .

Many people protest that they would rather devote their time to real work than to schmoozing. 688 more words

Business Development And Selling

Schumpeter on why the young are drawn to Marx

“Panting with impatience to have their innings, longing to save the world from something or other, disgusted with textbooks of undescribable tedium, dissatisfied emotionally and intellectually, unable to achieve synthesis by their own effort, they find what they crave for in Marx.”

Capitalism, Socialism, Democracy (47)

Escape from Capital

The composition of this book has been for the author a long struggle of escape, and so must the reading of it be for most readers if the authors assault upon them is to be successful,a struggle of escape from habitual modes of thought and expression.

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Technological Takeover: Good or Bad?

How different is a robot from a human? In the case of jobs, not very different at all. Robots today can  speak, hear, and preform in a lot of the ways we do. 562 more words

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The Creative Destruction of Bitcoin

A little more than a year ago I covered bitcoin’s creative destruction, and how bitcoin is more efficient money system on several economic levels. We also explored how  1,951 more words